Gamedaily: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Review - Sony's Real Driving Simulator returns to make sweet love to PS3

Gamedaily writes: "It occurred to us, as we navigated through Gran Turismo 5 Prologue's version of London, that this is the perfect visual companion to PlayStation 3. Here's a console-sleek, expensive, fully loaded- that begs for attention. Gamers don't buy this machine to play Xbox 360 ports. They crave its sex appeal, that "look at me" attitude that has them gushing over Blu-ray movies gloriously displayed in high-definition. GT5 falls in line with this philosophy, delivering a gorgeous looking, damn near photo-realistic experience that begs to be gawked at. It also helps that it's entertaining, a solid playing racer that serves as the appetizer to GT5.

On the positive side, not all racing games have 150 cars, and the more we thought about Polyphony Digital's selection, the more we realized it trimmed the fat by eliminating some of the lame rides no one should want to drive. Second, despite the low track count, we appreciate the developer's attention to detail. GT5 Prologue is, without question, one of the most gorgeous video games in existence. This isn't just some standard issue racer with a pretty exterior. This is a labor of love, Polyphony's gift to the masses. Once you see the water, the cloud dotted blue sky and the sunlight reflecting off the tracks, not to mention the beautiful cars, you'll obsessively watch replays to admire the craftsmanship."

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eyeDEVOUR3839d ago

picking up my pre-ordered version within minutes...

cokzilla233839d ago

picked mine up already, just waiting on the downloads to finish.

Cyrus3653839d ago

need to pick up a rumble Six axix or Wheel for this bad boy.