Realtime Worlds coy on APB for the PS3

Realtime Worlds has told that while the PlayStation 3 platform is an option for the company with regards to its forthcoming MMO, APB, it can't confirm whether or not it's in production for the Sony console.

"The situation is that yes, all the consoles are an option for us, and we'll be looking at them, but there's nothing decided, nothing to report at the moment I'm afraid," said Colin MacDonald, studio manager at the Crackdown developer.

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nutjuice3927d ago

Sony and Microsoft need to up the bids

Superiorrior3927d ago

Your right, this could become exclusive extremely quickly, but Sony is known for not jumping on a situation unless they're know it's profitably sound, Microsoft just might be able to secure a spot here.

sonarus3927d ago

Well i don't think things are as easy as just throwing money around. PS3 version would definitely be a good idea considering the ps3's install base is actually well worth investing in now. So a ps3 version will just equal more sales. I personally don't care for it but it will hurt the 360 exclusive line up because this has been on the eyes of a lot of 360 owners for a long time. I generally don't care too much for mmo's and open world games. But this one shows more promise than huxley

chaosatom3333926d ago

these are the developers from crackdown.

Looks like developers are starting to get interested in the ps3.
They must be like

"What's this, a black thing sliently running besides me for years now. Guess while the xboxs' come from RROD center, we can work on the game on ps3."

gamesR4fun3927d ago

a ps3 version would b killer

darkside3927d ago

If this comes out for the Sony PS3 that would be Great!! another one that is add to my list.

GiantEnemyCrab3927d ago

Come on MS, lock this one up. You can't afford to be giving the POS3 or its fishhead fanboys any games.

Greysturm3926d ago

and i am still not buying it being great.

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