GTA IV has frame-rate and pop-up issues, says 1UP

According to a 1UP preview, GTA IV suffers from the same glitching and frame rate issues as its predecessors.

"You'll likely notice the same graphical 'quirks' that the series has dealt with since the jump to 3D. The same filmlike, grainy framerate exists and usually holds steady, but it can momentarily dip when things get frantic," the article says.

"There's some long-distance graphical fade-in as well as some street-level hazards that appear only after you hit them. Traffic will be nonexistent one second, then three cars deep when you rotate the camera back around, and then completely disappear when your wanted level gets to two or three stars (which is oh-so-fun when you desperately need a getaway vehicle)."

However, this time round, Rockstar has made attempts to veil them.

"But even these problems have been 'upgraded' in a sense for GTA4: An artistic application of filters hides some of the uglier character models, there's more types of cars to choose from, and overall, the feel of the city trumps any of the shortcomings we're familiar with by now. But you'll be able to see that in the screenshots and eventual videos."

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SPARTAAN3837d ago

this is why no game should get 10/10 because no game is perfect but i think this game deserves a score between 9.5 to 9.8 and 9.9 should be given very rarely
havent played it yet so cant give it a exact score

MURKERR3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

how can any game recieve 10/10?

halo3 got-graphics wernt great,640p
Bioshock-people complained about no online
mario galaxy

those games you could put in the 9/9.5 bracket which is an amazing score but to give a 10/10 thats pure hype and reviewers that do that should be ashamed,improvements can be made to any game

Anego Montoya FTMFW3837d ago

I just take them as a METAPHOR for a MUST-OWN.

I really CAN`T WAIT to see/hear/read the PS3 reviews. This could be interesting, to say the least.

sonarus3836d ago

i have been complaining about the same thing as well. Once a game has hype these days, a 10/10 is given. Its just sad. When smaller games come out with the same frame rate issues, the game is far to unplayable and gets a 6.

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wageslave3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )


oh! I see what you did there. Very clever. Lets play "one of those things is not like the others, one of those things does not belong."

Metacritic Review scores:

uncharted 88/100
halo3 93/100
Bioshock 96/100
mario galaxy 97/100

You're point was "hey, these games dont deserve all those excellent reviews". The problem is that Uncharted's reviews werent as good as the others by a long stretch. Its incredibly ironic.

That review was posted in the PS3 section.

You're offtopic. Reported as such. Nice FUD though.

Varsarus3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )


read this quote.

"And, oh yes, the shooting. Pulling the left trigger halfway on the 360 controller lets you aim a weapon freely, while a full pull locks on to the closest enemy or nonplayable character in your camera's view"

They reviewed the 360 version and copied it to the ps3 section.

Amanosenpai3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

Thats not bad cause its (actually) the best way to solve mistakes in future titles.

The big deal here is that WE ALWAYS WANT MORE... and more... and more...

Then, Nothing is perfect ^_^

Jinxstar3836d ago

You see though. 10 is an average. It also takes into account other things. you can't score more then a 10/10 for say "Plot" but maybe the reviewer wants to give it a 12/10... like extra credit. I think a game can get a 10/10 but it is very hard. It always says in the end "Not an average" Just an overall what they think its worth. its worth 65$/65$ I think thats what a 10/10 really means...

thor3836d ago

10/10 is not perfect. Think of review scores this way: What do you think, say, the original half-life would score if it were released today? Based on graphics, it's poor. Based on gameplay, yes I know it innovated at the time but we've seen a lot of games like it since so if they first released half-life now it would be unoriginal. The score would be quite low I think. Review scores are just a guide as to the reviewer's opinion of

-Which games are better than which
-Which games you must play
-Which games you shouldn't waste your money on

There's a 10/10 score for a reason, and that's to make people think, "WOW I must get this game".

SPARTAAN3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

anything above 9.5 can be considered a must have and nowadays many mags and sites are giving away 10/10 even if the game has many flaws and the score of 10 should be reserved for those once in a life time games... just count how many games were given 10/10 and you will be surprised

some website went to the extent of giving SMG a 11/10 because well every hyped game that comes out gets a 10/10

Mr_Bun3836d ago

I killed your father...I am prepared to die.

dan-boy3836d ago

so you've played the ps3 version and the 360 version then???????? ofcourse you have'nt! so take your fanboyism to the open zone yeah!

with a game like this, some frame-rate and pop-up has gotta be expected! unless rockstar have made the greatest game engine of all time ofcourse! which clearly they have'nt. it still wont stop me and about 10il others buying this though.

sonarus3836d ago

lol i'm sorry wageslave i hope i didn't hurt your feelings

etownone3836d ago

"oh! I see what you did there. Very clever. Lets play "one of those things is not like the others, one of those things does not belong."

good to see i'm not the only one that caught that!!

NO_PUDding3836d ago

Nice avatar ^

Anyway, I think that Uncharted deserves as much recognition as Gears of War: Very little.

If anything it did more and looked better, so that's the proof. Although Uncharted had sucky gun play in comparison. Being a big camp man typical of UE3, always makes things better... hehehe. But it did genuinely have a more visceral feel.

misterssippi3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

@ Spartaan
How can you think it deserves a 9.8, like you said you haven't palyed it yet. I'll reserve judgement till it comes out. Too many folks thinking this game will be the next Jesus. In the long run it isn't offering any real innovation, Just kinda moving the Liberty City story line along. We'll see tho.
If reviewers were honest, games ratings would be considerably lower.

RealTimeWeaponChange3836d ago

A game's score is never the sum of its parts. It's a 10 if it feels like a 10. Period.

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Corrupt3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

"Pulling the left trigger halfway on the 360 controller lets you aim a weapon freely, while a full pull locks on to the closest enemy or nonplayable character in your camera's view."

I expect the PS3 version to be similar.

green3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

It is the 360 version that they are previewing.But i agree with Spartan.No game is perfect so a perfect score is not needed especially if the scoring is percentage based.

But why did they put the 360 preview in the PS3 section as well?Well it's 1UP.

SPARTAAN3837d ago

the same preview is in both the sections

Corrupt3837d ago

It's just a copied preview for both platforms.

green3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

yes its true.But its a very complex world,so technicall issues are definately going to happen .

Anyway how come other sites that have previewed GTA4 failed to spot the issues?Even if they are not the final build they should still be reported so that it won't be so much off a shock when reviews come out.

Corrupt3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Personally, the Lazlow is one of my favourite parts of the latest GTA's (the rest is the icing on the cake) and not even frame rate issues will stop that man.

From what I've read, few have touched upon how it runs technically, they tend to spend all the review on the content.

destroyah3837d ago

And put the same preview in the PS3 section. Wow. This just goes to show you how truly biased 1up is. Trying to make people believe they actually previewed the PS3 version. Idiots.

St03837d ago

Didn't the first review say the 360 was slightly worse with popup & framerate than the PS3?. Guess we'll just have to wait to find out since no other site has played the PS3 version yet

Hatchetforce3837d ago

The practicing of doubling previews is common on many sites. IGN does it with videos and screens all the time. If you look at teh source on some of them you will get a laugh.

I would guess that Rockstar has put a lock on sites discussing quality differences until closer to release. Once that ban is lifted, you will see comparisons up the yingyang over which version is superior.

TheExecutive3837d ago

every site has basically copied the 360 preview of this game and tacked it onto the ps3 site.

We actually dont know a whole lot about the ps3 version.

Does it have accomplishments?

TrenchaunT3836d ago

The first review, in the Official Xbox Magazine, said that there was a little bit of texture pop-up, but it was very minimal. They didn't seem to think it was an issue at all, and did not mention cars appearing out of nowhere.

As long as it's a bit better than GTA3 was about it, I'll be happy.

Genuine3836d ago

With approximately 90% of multi-plats performing better on the 360, would you really have felt better if they had a separate PREVIEW for the ps3 version?

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hydrog3837d ago

Well that does it, i'm cancelling my pre-order... :-)

GutZ313836d ago

thats said, it shows that its under the PS3 preview, but its completely copy and pasted as the 360 review as well.

Check for your self:

The real question here is, what version was he "really" talking about.

On the last summery of the preview, this is said.

"And, oh yes, the shooting. Pulling the left trigger halfway on the 360 controller lets you aim a weapon freely, while a full pull locks on to the closest enemy or nonplayable character in your camera's view."

and thats on the PS3 and the 360 storys.
So there is actually no way to know what the hell hes really talking about, if he even played the 360 version all the way, or play the PS3 version at all.

BLUR1113836d ago

cancelling your pre-order? why? cuz what 1up says lol

TheJBag3837d ago

oh well what can you expect, it still will be one of the greatest games of 08.

Corrupt3837d ago

These issues didn't stop the previous GTA's from being great. It won't be any different for this one.

Pricey3836d ago

they should mark it out of 1000

heyheyhey3837d ago

in before Ken says its the 360 version and before brothersimon says its the PS3 version

Sir Ken Kutaragi 43837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Your a good Mind reader!!! ;-D

Was going to say -
'GTA IV on the xBox360 has frame-rate and pop-up issues, says 1UP'

heyheyhey3836d ago

why thank you Krazy Ken

i have a pretty wonderful gift if i do say so myself

for example- i can tell that MART is the one trying to trade a goat for a PS3

brothersimon3836d ago

If you look its the PS3 section. :D

PS3 failed lololololololol,olololololllol olololololol

Foliage3836d ago

Speaking of fail:

It's nice when people own themselves.

Varsarus3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

"And, oh yes, the shooting. Pulling the left trigger halfway on the 360 controller lets you aim a weapon freely, while a full pull locks on to the closest enemy or nonplayable character in your camera's view"

So I guess they definitely previewed the 360 version? rofl.

Deal with it bots, your version is having problems, and it's not our fault lol.

NO_PUDding3836d ago

I like how being a fanboy is so open nowadays. I genuinely do, it means we can take the piss out of ourselves, great job brothersimon and Krazy Ken.

Love the open zone... Love it.

Anyway, I don't care, I bet it will be neither versions... they just had a go on a demo.

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