Video Game Warzone #207

Torrence Davis of STFUandPlay writes, "DocGamer’s back to talk about Xbox One and PS4 power differences and that bullshit Edge article

Playstation VITA TV and the future of Sony’s handhelds

GTAV console bans are from piracy, not early access

We talk about our most anticipated next gen games"

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Jac5al2133d ago

Most entertaining gaming podcast on the web. Another good ep.

iGamerZero242133d ago

I stoped listening to these guy years ago for the one reason that I don't have 4!hrs on average to hear 30 minutes of good stuff ! If I have extra 4 hours to kill I'd rather be gaming.....

Jac5al2133d ago

Listen while you game 0_o

1lawrence2133d ago

A lot of xbox fanboys on there very bias on there