Saints Row 2: Video Interview

Here is a video of an interview that Gamereactor had with Lead Designer James Tsai at THQ Gamers' Day! Co-op in open world, vast character customization, larger city, more destruction and much more new to this sequel!

Enjoy for god sake

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micro_invader3890d ago

It's looking alright, I like the explosions but the game just looks a bit too cartoony for my taste.

p.s His hair makes me lol... alot.

misterssippi3890d ago

The first game was fun. I expect no less for for this one.

ezy3163889d ago

It's a great gta wannabe, i bet you play it when it come out

misterssippi3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

How is it a GTA wannabe?
GTAIV won't have open world co-op. SAINTS ROW 2 WILL!
GTAIV won't have massive levels of customization. SAINTS ROW 2 WILL!
And there are no Freckle B*tches in Liberty City!
They will both be great games in their own right,
but Saints Row 2 is gonna break new ground.