H-Hour: World's Elite Video Update Details First Level

SOF Studios have released a video update for H-Hour: World's Elite from Creative Director, David Sears, which details some new information on the first level of the game, including it's name, location, and how it'll play out for gamers. He is talking from his office, because he can't broadcast from the studio due to a lot of noisy construction work.

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younglj011913d ago

Could we play on fully destructive maps?

I'm so excite for my PS4 version Socom is coming back,now Sony get MAG 2 in the works...

Detoxx1913d ago

Fully destructive maps? Pre-order BF4

younglj011913d ago

I already have BF4 pre-order and paid for but I would like to see destructive environments in the Socom Universe...

sic_chops1913d ago

Either way, it's still gonna be awesome. Socom is the game that got me into online shooters.

PS3gamer4life1913d ago

Socom 3 is the best shooter ever