Other Countries Get Their Props in COD 3

This is a very nice interview with Jeremy Luyties, lead game designer of Call of Duty 3. Which includes the fact that this game will contain Canadian and Polish divisions aswell.

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HyperBear4466d ago

Canadian soldiers all the fukin way. All i have got say is, its about time that Canadians are finally recognized for their war efforts in a game. its always been Americans, Russia, and British. Never Canada. Heres something that you Americans and Canadian haters should check out something. Go to and type in Vimy Ridge. That'll teach you guys something about Canada and their contributions to the war, that you Americans wouldnt know about. CANADIANS RULE. GO CANADA GO!!

Marriot VP4466d ago

who hates canada?, canada's so neutral they don't make anybody mad.

Yah you'll tell me they have a military but lets be real here.

HyperBear4466d ago

we can tell the difference between Afghanies and Americans. Do you know the exact number of canadian deaths there have been in this Afghan War by Americans. 27. Now you tell me, does Canada have a military. Nice to see you americans killing our ppl, in a war thats not even ours, and we should have never have went in there. But then, you americans are smart, so i guess killing our ppl, isnt a bad thing then is it.

PS3 Ultimate4466d ago

I'm from the U.S. But I don't hate! I think Canada rules as well!

Optimus Prime4465d ago

Canada owns. AWSOME, cant wait. Canada is awsome, that will be fun playing as them, and it is about time.

original seed4465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )

if good people (Americans, English, Canadians etc) do nothing than evil will prevail. If Canada led the fight against terror you better believe that as Americans would be right their next to you. In war nobody wins, we just have to do our best with what's presented in front of us. Peace.

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original seed4466d ago

Lets make it another territory..A! lol

rj814466d ago

Anyone been to Vimy Ridge in France? I have. We Canadians did a lot in WWI and WWII.


FordGTGuy4466d ago

But not at the hardest beach but they were there and fought for our side. By our side and I have always respected Canada for this.

drewdrakes4466d ago

Actually, the canadians had to pull back and help out the americans at D-Day, because one of the american beaches wasnt doing so well. We are finally recognized, im glad i saw that and posted it! I love canada!

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