Battlefield Heroes: A Look for your Hero

Battlefield Heroes Lead Designer, James Salt writes: "Hello Heroes! James Salt here, Lead Designer on Battlefield Heroes. Those of you who regularly read the blog may remember Ben Cousins, the Senior Producer for Heroes, promised this blog would be about 'the importance of playtests and the design and development of the ability system'.

Unfortunately I have to start this blog by calling Mr Cousins a liar. It's not going to be about that. It's about our Character Customisation system.

So, why did we go and make a Character Customisation system? Well, as I was saying back in the blog 'Character Classes, Cameras and Computers'; we wanted you to own your own Hero. What better way to do that, than to make the game so you can decide exactly how your Hero looks?

Your decisions about how your Hero will appear start with the Create a Hero section on the website. You select a faction, a class, set some default characteristics (like skin tone, hair colour, hair style and facial hair) and finally, name your Hero. Once that's complete you can start the game and get into deciding on your Hero's weapons, abilities and clothing."

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