TheBitbag Reviews: MLB08: The Show for PS3

Matt Jenkins from TheBitbag writes:

"If you've been following MLB games over the past few years, you might have noticed that the MLB series has been quietly stealing the show (pun intended) from other baseball offerings. Despite the ridiculous exclusive contracts that only serve to ruin gaming, Sony's MLB series has been getting better and better with each passing season. This series made a huge turn around years ago and hasn't looked back since."

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thereapersson3891d ago

2K sports could learn a thing or two from The Show '08

PimpHandHappy3891d ago

its part reason for me getting back into baseball

I dont remember the hockey game that did this for me but it was a hockey game that got me back into watching that many years ago. I gave up on hockey years ago thou

The Show is awesome and i hope other sport franchises add a game mode like Road to the Show...

EA im looking at you

likeaboss3023891d ago

It's not a bad game offline and I enjoy it. However, I find it really hard to bat online. Sometimes I'll hit the button and the batter won't swing all the way through. Frustrating at the very least. I play on a Plasma so I don't have much in the way of input lag. My Internet connection is good with a low ping.

IntelligentAj3891d ago

I've played this game thoroughly in the past month since it has come out and I've written 2 FAQ's over it. Simply put, this game is baseball nirvana. If you love baseball games there is little to nothing to fault in this years game. Sony has been playing small ball making improvements and now they're knocking the ball out the park.