IGN: Major League Eating hands-on and screens

Major League Eating will hit WiiWare during its launch cycle, and it hopes to bring a mix of arcade gameplay and light humor to the table in a unique piece of on-demand software. The game features ten fictional characters all out to go for gorging gold in an attempt to win round after round with 12 different types of food. The single player mode is a basic substitute of a one-on-one fighter, but rather than brawling, players use the Wii remote (solo, with no nunchuk) to cram in food, munch down on giblets, and decimate all competition. In single player you'll move from arena to arena, destroying foes and unlocking them in the main game as you go, but in multiplayer it's all about grabbing your favorite character, shoveling in the grub, and chowing down.

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PS360WII3930d ago

I just don't really see this title being a popular one.

ItsDubC3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

LMAO, funny "sport" to make a game after.

PS360WII3930d ago

ha yes "sport" is a good way to put it... I'm still waiting for my Spitball Championship game ^^

ItsDubC3930d ago

lol someone, somewhere, some time, HAD to have made a spitball game.