Why does Sony Europe mess everything up?

Fragcast looks at the categorization of the UK PlayStation Store compared to the USA version and asks: Are there any lights on at SCEE?

What do you think? Did SCEE get the categorization wrong?

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Hatchet3930d ago

I commented on this over at the story regarding the Playstation Store Re-Launch

Why should it be different to US store, i dont know.

Its harder to navigate, say you want to find New Demos, there is no Demo section! Stupid!


No alphabetic Listings,

Why do sony have to complicate things, it should be a Universal 'Language'.

Ninja_Moomin3930d ago

I completely agree... the categorisation was rubbish on the OLD uk store... and it's not imporved one bit... the american one is brilliant by comparison.

InMyOpinion3930d ago

It's called bad design. One basic rule for designers is to be consequent.

masterg3930d ago

I was looking for the A-Z. I didn't know it was only in the US.

Shadow Flare3930d ago

Are you guys serious? What the hell is with SCEE? They just fail, royal. Why is there even a difference in store layout? Why does the european version not have a freaking A-Z listing? Geez. Store design should be universal, even if content isn't. Seriously, i bet anything that the european store will be just as crap as before, always getting everything months after america. Have you seen how many psone games the japanese store has? About 40+. How about releasing some decent titles like WipeOut 2097 or Colony Wars. Lacking things like A-Z listings are just so typical of SCEE's crap factor (i couldn't think of a different word aside crap factor). I just pray we get decent content comparable to USA and Japan

Bonsai12143930d ago

i'm betting its because of the regulations the EU has.

Delive3930d ago

meaning, the options on the left have an empty box on the bottom. Maybe they can add things there on the fly if demand requires. But I do agree, the EU variation does pale in comparison. Even the Hong Kong version is better in layout.

rawg3930d ago

I can understand the SCEE store not having an A-Z listing because of the localization issue, i.e. A-Z listings would be hard to maintain across all of the languages that SCEE covers. Not sure about the other design decisions though.

Not to make excuses for them but the EU guys have a much more difficult problem to deal with because of all of the languages, currencies and legal jurisdictions within the SCEE territories.

If anything they might want to consider grouping UK/AUS with NA for language affinity, keep all the EU countries together because of currency and laws and create a separate entity to manage everyone else (mideast, india, eastern europe, south america) because they all have their specific localization issues.

xhi43930d ago

Sony Europe/Australia Suks balls to be honest.


but why???

Europe (not Australia except for TVs) are the best customers for Sony.

Why do we always get treated second rate compared to America?????

And why such a SIMPLE thing like CATEGORIES do we get the sh1ttest one??

some should put a petition up.......get them to respond. This is insane.

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Darkiewonder3930d ago

It's based off what did well and such.

Look at Japan PSN store. they got like 5 tabs.

Ninja_Moomin3930d ago

Yes... but maybe the japanese prefer it that way, or it makes more sense for them.

the two english language ones are like chalk and cheese and it's not like there's anything better at all about the way the UK one is arranged.

xhi43930d ago

yeah like the guy above me said.


what the hell Sony Europe/Australia. I'm so frustrated.

And get those damn cards out and make them region'll get a hell of a lot more money if you did.

bloody oath.

thereapersson3930d ago

We have to pre-order MGS deluxe to get in over here

Iamback3930d ago

It is obvious that Sony Europe, Sony America and Sony Japan all work separately. This is bad, because it creates competition between this "parts" of Sony Computer Entertainment.
I remember few months ago when that guy(dont remember the name) that is head of Sony Europe was praising and talking about success of PS3 in Europe and how it goes better for them than for Sony America. I found it ludicrous to be honest. But it was obvious that there IS competition between them, again which is bad for us.
And just look at Killzone 2 which is financed and published by Sony Europe. Its taking them 3 years, while Insomniac is on their 3rd game...and by coincindence their games are published by Sony America (you can clearly read this even in latest teaser it says Sony AMERICA).
I really dont like this separation. Just create Sony as one, no Japan, Eu, USA, just Sony.

Blackcanary3930d ago

dude its so true not even just that The USA store and the Hong Kong store are nearly the same. damn sony are pissing me of.

Kleptic3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

IAMBACK...I totally agree...great post...

While the SCE sub-divisions made a lot of sense at inception (it was something that hadn't been done in the software sense to that degree)...things have definitely made a turn towards bad...

it used to be SCE Japan had complete control over all first party content...Kutaragi more or less oversaw everthing...and made very 'Japanese' business decisions for games that focused on very different territories...Just recently there was a video released on the net and shipped with Twisted Metal: Head On ETE for the PS2...which had Jaffe and all the other original creators of the game commenting on the first game...

they made a running demo of the original Twisted Metal...then had to showcase it to Kutaragi and his people to gain publishing budgets...they said "we like the game, but why don't you have the cars be vegatables...and have different types of condiments and fruit be the projectiles/weapons"...

yeah...seriously...very soon after though SCE started working in different directions for its different territories...which helped tremendously...SCEA could focus on North American gaming trends, as could each respective division of the company...and for a while it worked...the time it took for a Japanese game to go through localization was drastically reduced in America, etc...but SCEE never really got it down...while its tre that localization and rating procedures over there are a still leaves all kinds of other latent problems that were not initially forcasted...

and funny this came up...guess who runs the PSN overall, and is pioneering Home?...firmware updates are handled by a SCEE contracted firm...SCE overall has the same amount of unity as the PSN in general...there should be things taking place...that aren't...and there is no reason for one really knows why the PSN wasn't fully unified at launch...its not exactly hard to force from the beginning (its what MS did with XBL from the get go)...and its not like even 3rd party developers are not used to forced online protocols (again...its what MS did with XBL from the beginning)...

and that worries me...a lot of Europeans blame Sony overall for 'screwing' them...but SCEE, that respective territories department...has consistantly failed at pretty much everything for over a decade...with SCEE pretty much in charge of when we get Killzone 2 and when we get Home/in game messaging...thats definitely the worst possible scenario...

There is SC worlwide though...which Harrison oversaw...and had jurisdiction over all the subdivisions...but harrison never really knocked heads around over at SCEE...SCEA and SCEJ are streamlined to the point of insanity...together they have more development studios under control and more personel than MS and nintendo combined...and it get pumped out at an epic margin...but its like SCEE is on an entirely different wavelength...just look at their makes absolutely zero everyone...

Jim Crowslaw3930d ago

deluxe? i just pre-ordered the reg copy