Evony 2: Electric Boobaloo

"Men Only’, it says. Because there is nothing more heterosexual than a group of guys isolated from the opposite sex and basking in the glow of each other’s horniness. It’s why the Royal Navy has always been so famously straight."

Martin Clarkson is baffled by another permutation of 'bland browser game + inexplicable tits', and asks any heterosexual males in the audience whether this seriously works.

"What I want to know is…does this really work? Are people really willing to sign up for a browser game on the basis that, at some point in the near future, they may catch a glimpse of boob?"

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1OddWorld1956d ago

I think I speak for all men when I say: Yes. This does work sometimes. I have a woman at home and I like her boobs but, I will always want to see other boobs. And that whole guys think about sex every 6sec should really be 3sec. Now am I to blame for seeing woman as sexual objects? I don't think so. It is part of my DNA I love woman. This stays true for anyone no matter their sexual orientation. We like what we like and that usually means we want to see them naked. Some people cant stand human sexuality, so they are not so much in tune with this part of humanity. They find over sexualized displays from men or woman as something they should be ashamed of. They believe that this type of behavior is morally wrong, and they couldn't be more wrong. These femonatzis who hate any display of sexuality are just suffering from a chemical imbalance, low libido or low self-esteem. Brought on by their appearance. Constant rejection from men/woman has reversed their way of thinking, they now get angry at the site of a person flaunting their sexuality. The world shouldn't have to tone it down because you were born with way below average looks and have the personality of a wet mop.

So yes I might click it to see some boobs. Because I am normal. Kinda like I purchased "Age of Conan" so that I could mix games and boobs together.

porkChop1955d ago

I agree with your overall point, but you're wrong on this part:

"These femonatzis who hate any display of sexuality are just suffering from a chemical imbalance, low libido or low self-esteem."

That's just not true at all. That reeks of the same paper-thin logic behind the idea that homosexuals are only gay because of a chemical imbalance, etc. It's just wrong. You like sexuality, you like boobs. So do I. But that doesn't mean the people who don't agree with us are somehow fucked in the head or mentally inferior to us. They're not abnormal, or weird. They just have a different opinion on the matter of sexuality. We are no more right or wrong than they are.

MikeyDucati11954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )


Really they imagine the ones who will be playing this game are the weird, lonely, overweight gamers who know nothing about the opposite sex.

So yes, this works on the majority of them.