Warthunder PlayStation 4 Hands On. writes "Warthunder the highly anticipated military MMO will be a launch title for the PlayStation 4 when it hits the shelves this November. As one of the Free to Play titles coming to Sony’s next gen console everyone who upgrades to the new console will get the chance to taste the epic battles between Land Sea and Air.

At this year’s Gamescom we had the chance to sit with producer Pavel Kulikov to have some hands on time with Gaijin’s WarThunder."

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GarrusVakarian3052d ago

"Warthunder will be one of the first cross platform games that will allow PC and PS4 players to compete directly against each other"

Awesome. Two of my friends have it on PC so that's good news.

mafiahajeri3052d ago

The prospect of playing against PC players I So exciting... Lets show them whos the "elite" console gamers!

MasterCornholio3052d ago

Thats the positive thing about PSN is that cross platform play is allowed on it.

Gster3052d ago

Anyone know if this is the only game that's cross platform with PC, what about Warframe or Planetside 2, either of those?

Gster3052d ago

Tnx man, suppose 2 outta 3 aint bad!

HammadTheBeast3052d ago

First Person Shooters get out of hand with cross-play, but other genre's work equally well on controller and keyboad.

BoneIdle3052d ago

@masterCornholio Yea it is great to see that it a much more open platform, it can only add to our enjoyment and should give games an extended life span.

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3-4-53052d ago

awesome, good to hear it's heading to PS4.

Thought about playing it for PC, but then I'd have to buy a controller. Rather just use the PS4's.

mafiahajeri3052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

Oh really!? You don't say? Off course I know theres joysticks :P I have flying joysticks whatever their called, he emphasized using a mouse... Since he's obviously a proud PC player he should stick to the mouse xD

Not all people have those joysticks.

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DigitallyAfflicted3052d ago

Don't get too cocky we'll compete with mouse :)

mafiahajeri3052d ago

Good luck playing war thunder with a mouse xD

Elwenil3052d ago

PCs are not limited to just a mouse and keyboard with most PC games. There are joysticks, steering wheels, game pads, etc...

christrules00413052d ago

Single player misions, co-op and MMO. Perfect. =) I can't wait to try it out.

BoneIdle3052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

Totally free to play! You don't even need PS+.
PS4 V PC in the one map.
Air, Sea and Land in the one map.

Even if you can't afford to pick up too many PS4 launch titles there is still loads to play with their free to play games while you save up again.

mafiahajeri3052d ago

Drive club being free with PLUS is really great along with the other free to play.

GarrusVakarian3052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

Planetside 2 also.

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The story is too old to be commented.