GamesRadar: Arcana Heart Review - Anime girls bust out insane moves in this deceptively deep, over-the-top all-female 2D fighter

GamesRadar writes: "If you've got a low tolerance for syrupy-cute anime nonsense, Arcana Heart probably isn't for you. A 2D fighter with an all-girl cast, it piles on the saccharine with high-pitched voices, exaggerated posing and lots of overcute everything everywhere. What's more, its 11 fighters have all been tailored to fit some weird Japanese fetish archetype; there's the athletic schoolgirl, the mopey schoolgirl, the bumbling witch with big glasses, the gothic Lolita, the maid with a giant claymore, the Chinese android with huge breasts and a thong, the... the diabolical 12-year-old in a swimsuit who rides around inside a giant blob... you get the idea."

You'll love:
-Beautiful visuals
-Simple, intuitive combo system
-Ridiculously destructive super-attacks

You'll hate:
-Saccharine in a way only anime can be
-Final boss isn't even remotely fair
-Fetishized preteen girls are creepy

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