Calling out the haters. Nintendo are fine.

It seems everyone is hating Nintendo at the moment whether it be the newly released 2DS or Wii U failings. However, contrary to popular belief, Nintendo are doing just fine.

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Fanboyssuck272884d ago

Well said, u can tell that the Wii u is a good console by the amount of mainly playstation fans that troll every single Nintendo article. If the Wii u is so crap then why do they care and spend so much time trolling, do they really think anyone cares what they say or that its gonna have any effect on the Wii u being a success? The word delusional comes to mind.

I'm a fan of all consoles but my primary console will be the Wii u as none of the other consoles can deliver the same quality gameplay that Nintendo does. Yes other consoles may look more "pretty" when it comes to graphics but I prefer gameplay over somethin that just looks pretty.

jcnba282884d ago

The funny thing is most of the Nintendo haters here have never played on a Wii U before or plan on ever buying one whereas a lot of the NIntendo fans here are multi-console gamers. So who's the real fanboy? The person who praises one company and one console only or the person who's a fan of one company more than the other but has multiple consoles?

Studio-YaMi2884d ago

"u can tell that the Wii u is a good console by the amount of mainly playstation fans that troll every single Nintendo article. If the Wii u is so crap then why do they care and spend so much time trolling"

That's not really a way to know that console A is better than console B ...

And seriously if there are Sony fanboys,then there are Nintendo & Xbox fanboys too,don't know what you're getting at here really ?

Sincere01212884d ago

I think you completely missed the point.

There are fanboys for every console but the difference is, you wont see a nintendo fan stalking every playstation article saying its crap and it hasnt got this and it hasnt done that etc... Most nintendo fans are true gamers and appreciate all consoles and have a genuine love for games.

But Playstation fans inparticular are a different breed to any other fan, they spend their entire time dedicated to making negative comments, boring doom and gloom crap on every article about any console that aint playstation.

Its kinda sad really. lol

herbs2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

You can tell Sincere is mostly correct by the amount of disagrees he has. All these biased doom articles are catered for hits from a very pathetic type of fanboy which consists mostly of the Sony variety (sadly). You people who constantly waste your time bashing and reading the daily Nintendo doom (which are total bull if you have any real grasp of the gaming industry) are strait up among the biggest losers of the Internet your not gamers you are just the epitome of what it is to be a complete and total waste of life and though process.

There is nothing wrong with being critical of somthing but when you start to see daily articles pandering to a large circle jerking hate parade all you can do is shake your head or occasionaly try to write a comment like this that might strike a chord with one of the said zealots.

A harsh reality...

HarryMasonHerpderp2884d ago

Nintendo are and will be fine.
The Wii U though is not fine at all.
I can get a 500GB PS3 with GTA5 and The Last Of Us for the same price as a Wii U. I want to see a price drop and an awesome looking Zelda, Metroid game and a new IP before I consider buying a Wii U.

R00bot2884d ago

I know what you mean, but you could get all that and more for the same price as the PS4, and nobody ever points that out.


HarryMasonHerpderp2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

Zavvi are selling a 500GB PS3 with GTA5 and The Last Of Us for £200....
A 32GB Wii U with Zombie U though is £314...

So I was actually wrong it costs more for a Wii U than a PS3 with two of the best games this generation. (we all know GTA5 will be awesome)
So yeah...Wii U needs a price drop.

2884d ago
HarryMasonHerpderp2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

My point is getting a PS3 with 500GB, GTA5 and The Last Of Us for £200 is better than spending £315 for a wiiU if you had to choose in my opinion.
Not hating on Nintendo just pointing out what the WiiU is up against and yes it is competing with current gen systems.

2884d ago
HarryMasonHerpderp2884d ago

Okay whatever dude I'm a big Nintendo hater and extremely biased because I see more value in the PS3 bundle than the Wii U. Yeah makes me a fanboy sure whatever if that's what you're going to turn this into. Metroid Prime and Smash Bro's Melee are some of my favourite games of all time but yeah I'm a hater because you said so.

If the PS4 was selling badly and it's library paled in comparison to the Wii U and you could get a wii U cheaper with extra games then yes I would recommend the Wii U over the PS4. I would say the PS4 either needed a price drop or a heck of a lot of new games fast to compete with the Wii U.
Which is how I feel about the Wii U compared to the PS3 right now.

2884d ago
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boybato2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

Hear,hear... well i do hope nintendo can fully grasp the casual audience they once had from the wii although at this point you could likely see the 'average joe' purchasing a ps4/xbox one just to play his nba/football/madden game instead of nintendos ips and parents going for a ps4 this coming holiday season due to its price.

lilbroRx2883d ago

And I can get a 300 Wii U and hook up my 2TB external hardrive to play Pikmin 3, Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate, Bayonetta 2 when that comes and Monlith's X when that comesout.

I'm not the least bit envious.

Studio-YaMi2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

I do agree that Nintendo is fine and I hope they always are since I like Nintendo franchises(their IPs are ones I really enjoy).

That being said,I don't think they will come back out of the Wii U gutter just yet(not till next year I think),and it's not a slow start by any means,the console is out for almost a year now & it's still not getting much steam,much like the PS3 situation where it was almost the same thing for their first year so I don't really know.

The PS3 came out successful the next year & I hope the Wii U does that too.

Wish them all the best at least.

Harpers_Ferry2884d ago

The Wii U is facing a fairly unique struggle. Not to take away from the Wii's success, but a lot of the "non gamer" consumers who bought into that console appear to have done so as if gaming were a fad. They came, they had their fun, and they've moved on. Others have been confused by the marketing of the Wii U, and don't know that the next version of the console is available. Then you've got the generation shift, where the Wii U is coming in only somewhat cheaper, but without the "new and shiny" pizzazz of next gen hardware. Overall, Nintendo will be fine, but the Wii U, while a nice piece of hardware, is definitely facing a dark future.

Here's hoping it becomes something to remember fondly.

lilbroRx2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

Nintendo never targeted a non-gamer (a.k.a.casual) crowd to begin with. That was just a label that was cooked up to dismiss Nintendo's success. Nintendo is targeting the same group of peple they targeted when they saved gaming from collapse back in the 80's. Everyone.

Nintendo's target has always been "everyone". They make games that appeal to broad audiences, not just one. They try to create more gamers on top of that, which has somehow been twisted into catering to "non-gamers".

The thing with the Wii U is that they specifically tried to target "hardcore" gamers. They are the only ones who even know the Wii U exists because they follow gaming news.

If Nintendo was actually marketing to "casuals" like they are labeled as doing then they wouldn't have these problems at all.

Harpers_Ferry2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

I think you misunderstood my comment about "non gamers". I wasn't implying that Nintendo was targeting those people, so much as they sort of stumbled into them. It's obvious they wanted to make the Wii more accessible, but they probably had no idea just how big it would become. Now, Nintendo certainly concentrated on those people a bit more once they realized they had them, which is totally fine, because that's just good business.

My statement about the "non gamer" crowd was just to point out that a lot of those people have moved on from games, or switched to mobile. Without that (rather large) audience generating sales, Nintendo must rely on both acquiring a new audience and building the current, which will definitely make for an uphill battle.

I know it's easy to get defensive with all the trolling that goes on these days, especially toward Nintendo's home consoles. I assure you, my post was in no way meant as an "lol casuals" sort of comment, it's purely analytical.

OrangePowerz2884d ago

Funny it is right under the article tha the Wii U sold 350 units in Poland in 9 months.

I have a Wii U so I don't hate Nintendo, but it will be hard for them to turn the Wii U around. The Wii was so successful because they got the casual people onboard. Right now they fail on doing that. Getting the core gamer will be hard, while Wii had good games from Nintendo there wasn't much else and it's the samewith the Wii U.

R00bot2884d ago

I think they will turn the Wii U around, yeah, it won't be easy. They've already started with many of the games needed to turn it around, many have already been announced, some have been released, and there are also rumoured games that have had "leaks" like the Zelda that they decided not to show at E3 (but could have).

The Wii U will probably be fine (they also need a lot of advertising), it has the games coming to keep it alive.

OrangePowerz2884d ago

Well most of the games are their usual IPs they use since ages.

They might very well end up with GameCube like numbers. I think the Wii was a lucky accident for them that they can't replicate with the Wii U.

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