MOBA's are not the next big thing

The MOBA style of game has been around for a long time, beginning with the popular Warcraft mod Defense of the Ancients better known as DOTA, but recently with the success of League of Legends (LOL) and DOTA 2 in terms of popularity, as well as success in the realm of e-sports more developers seem interested in trying to get a bit of that money. Only there’s very little money to be had.

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Speed-Racer1957d ago

Maybe it if were GTA, I'd like the idea of my own hero but not in an MMO of these types mentioned.

ATi_Elite1957d ago

Right now in PC Gaming MOBA's are EVERYTHING!

LOL and Dota2 RULE the world and the fanbase gets bigger every month.

PurpHerbison1955d ago

Also helps that MOBAs are very easy to get into. Especially LoL.

Shoul1951d ago

Never played one - the vile communities put me right off.