European / Others Hardware Charts for Week Ending April 12th, 2008

VGChartz estimates that the European / Others hardware charts for week ending April 12th, 2008 was as follows:

Total Hardware: (IN brackets is last weeks #)

DSL: 153,253 (173,868)
Wii: 140,150 (125,075)
PS3: 98,039 (117,007)
360: 66,864 (75,101)
PSP: 61,963 (56,766)
PS2: 47,704 (48,251)

UK Total:

Wii: 48,271 (44,844)
DSL: 35,027 (40,177)
PS3: 26,746 (29,324)
360: 21,793 (23,285)
PSP: 9,812 (8,396)
PS2: 7,596 (7,348)

France Total:

Wii: 34,580 (30,176)
DSL: 26,465 (30,929)
PS3: 13,416 (17,665)
PSP: 7,352 (6,092)
PS2: 5,002 (5,090)
360: 4,244 (5,060)

Spain Total:

PS3: 12,709 (14,750)
DSL: 12,436 (13,099)
PSP: 10,142 (9,934)
Wii: 8,383 (7,379)
PS2: 5,318 (5,621)
360: 2,569 (3,218)

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Time Lord3843d ago

lol..Spain love their PS3's....PS3 still outselling 360 even after the price drop, God have mercy on 360 in EU when PS3 gets price drop

TruthBTold3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

como podrais haber dado cuenta los espanoles disfrutan de gustos de la mejor calidad. lo he dicho antes y lo volvere a repetir, espana fue, es y sera tierra de el Playstation.

edit: Kain81

thanks bro, just finished playing GOW 1 and 2 and Im ancious for the 3rd part, Kratos is the man. In english I basically said that I have always said that spain was, is, and will always be land of the Playstation brand and that spain has excellent tastes in life.

Kain813843d ago

i dont know what you say but i like your Avatar^^

sonarus3843d ago

Another day another vgchartz sales report. I ask this question every week with hopes of getting an answer. WTF is "other" region. There is other EU ps3 outsells 360 here but there is this random "other" i suspect they pull out from their a$$es and 360 is always second in sales there.

Time Lord3843d ago

The east European countries, the likes of Russia, Poland,ect as well as the Scandinavian countries, Sweden, Denmark ,ect

sonarus3843d ago

that should fall under other europe though. Maybe other is other parts of the world like africa and asia

heyheyhey3843d ago

yeah the situation in Spain is identical to the one in Japan

ChickeyCantor3843d ago

" and will always be land of the Playstation brand and that spain has excellent tastes in life.

o the arrogance !!! its killing me!!!

sonarus3843d ago

Yea i have to admit, playstation fans are getting terribly arrogant. Last yr we were so humble lol look at us now. Year of the playstation b!tch lol.

The Wood3843d ago

the irony of your comment is killing me

swings n roundabouts mate

Xlll3843d ago

after all the crap PS3 owners took in year 1 from 360 fans it's a case of karma being a biatch.

ChickeyCantor3843d ago

@the wood
there is no irony there, because i do not claim such things in life.
not even with my previous post above this one.


TruthBTold3843d ago

you really should relax, I am only making a comment, Im not declaring "Spain rules the world". I am very proud and love my heritage and find it funny how prefering the PS brand is also done by the rest of other spanish gamers. Dont take things so seriosly and personaly, I love the fact that there are also other cultures around the world to keep things from getting too common.

Cyrus3653843d ago

The other regions also refers to parts of Africa, like South Africa, and India for sure. I'm not sure if Other regions refer to China or Korea, which for sure aren't in the japanese sales data, they go into the PAL region data.

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TheREALHarryEtTubMan3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )


What a big pile of FAIL, the 3fixme has become.(Always has been)

Wait, I thought the XFlop was winning in the U.K??

Keep dreaming BOTS. The 3fixme is this generation's Sega CD.... or should I say..........................X box hahahahahha

Xbox = FAILURE........No one's buying that RRODbox HAHAHAHHAHHA

Sir Ken Kutaragi 43843d ago

PS3: 98,039
360: 66,864


mikeslemonade3843d ago

Microsoft doesn't have an excuse this month. I guess they're finally admitting defeat.

Boink3843d ago

everyone droppped except the wii and psp, not very impressive numbers at all

eagle213843d ago

And 360 20% less than that. lol :)

Hydrolex3843d ago

ummm looks like a NO answer.

We have to wait for the U.S report

Fishy Fingers3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

GTA 4 isn't out yet. I fail to see your point?

You even contradict yourself as a fanboy...

"Weren't GTA IV DLCs suppose to help Xbox 360s sales around the world ?
ummm looks like a NO answer."

The answer is YES, YES they were meant to, but didnt har har har.

chaosatom3333843d ago

silly rabbit, dlc is for kids.