OXM Online: The Best XBLA Games You're Not Playing

OXM Online writes: "Ikaruga came out for Xbox Live Arcade this past week, and I instantly thought, "There's a game that everybody should play and won't." Another shooter? A really difficult one? With a funny name? And it's more than 400 Microsoft points? Pass, sayeth the general populace. That's my sad prediction, anyway. We did our part; we gave it a good review and explained why we think it's cool.

I hope I'm wrong, but if it does get overlooked, Ikaruga will be in good company. Hidden among the Boogie Bunnies and Battlezones, there are several XBLA gems that go underappreciated, while some other games get almost overplayed. It's time for some fresh games in your XBLA list - and I think these should be them."

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slowlearner5523d ago

i think i'm gonna go buy that right now, thanks for the reminder :)

Covenant5523d ago

Carcassonne is GREAT. Recommended to anyone who enjoys an addictive puzzle-type game.

Ureval5523d ago

I tried Carcassone. Couldnt figure it out. Guess i need someone to explain it to me. Right now Im having a lot of fun with Puzzle Quest.

ArmrdChaos5523d ago

Nice thing was that it was offered for free at one point for those lucky enough to grab it at the time.

gogators5523d ago (Edited 5523d ago )

loved puzzle quest and poker smash.

RAM MAGNUMS5523d ago

why would you spend $10 bucks on a game when you only need $6 bucks to buy? But you don't get the difference back and the real money gets stuck on your hardrive? When the box breaks you can't trade the arcade to a store & microsoft won't give you a refund, just an insurance plan. How is this Game more fun than this xbox live game? Oh yeah! When I lose, I lose points! Fun... Do they also sell strategy guides on how to give more money to corporations?

SL1M DADDY5522d ago

IMHO and I have played it through a couple times now. Great buy for a great game. I did play Carcasone for a bit too but it wasn't my cup of tea. At the moment, I am addicted to High Velocity Bowling... But that's on the "other" system.

nirwanda5522d ago

Gripshift and mutant storm empire