PSXExtreme previews CID the Dummy

Ben Dutka reports:

''While the likes of God of War: Chains of Olympus and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, it's unlikely that CID the Dummy will get much recognition when it releases in June. Then again, perhaps that's being too harsh. Most avid gamers will have already completed those aforementioned blockbusters, and they might be looking for something a bit different. That's where this plucky little 3D side-scroller comes in, where you step into the shoes of a seemingly down and out dummy…named CID. That much, you probably saw coming. But there may be a lot more to Twelve Interactive's title than appears, especially when it comes to unique and original aspects of atmosphere and gameplay. In all honesty, this kinda reminds us of The Incredible Crash Dummies, a side-scroller for the SNES that hit stores shelves 15 years ago and boasted an intriguing mechanic that involved losing limbs. Of course, this was based on the Vince and Larry characters in the commercials ("You could learn from a dummy; buckle your seatbelt!"), and the action figures that followed soon after. CID the Dummy, it seems, has nothing to do with Vince and Larry, which is probably a good plan.''

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