PlayTm reviews Ninja Reflex

Duncan Lawson writes:

''For most Wii owners two realisations come within the first half hour of ownership of the friendly little white console with the can-do attitude. The first was - hey, waving my arms around like a bit of a loon is actually quite good fun. This is followed not long after with - Christ, my arms are tired. Varying degrees of personal fitness would dictate whether this would then go on to develop into a bit of a sore shoulder, or a full muscular lock-down rarely seen outside of professional sporting circles.
It was inevitable from this point that the Wii would start to develop personal improvement titles, such as Wii Fit and its ilk, in a genre that no doubt already has some car-crash of a genre title. If educational entertainment became the hideous 'EduTainment' then is the rise of the 'EnterCise'?

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