Strider Gameplay Trailer has been Released

Strider Gameplay Trailer has been Released

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darthv722260d ago

Huge strider fan. This looks good.

Enemy2260d ago

I don't think so. No surprise that Double Helix took one of the ugliest art directions I've ever seen with this.

FrigidDARKNESS2260d ago

It may look ugly to some but the game play looks fun.

Godmars2902260d ago


Not that can really tell from that trailer. Its too sliced up to serve as any real measure of the game.

XtraTrstrL2259d ago

I agree, I also felt it was pretty ugly, and not fitting for Strider. I can't believe Capcom handed it off to Double Helix, well, it is Crapcom, so I guess it is believable. It is annoying though, especially after them recently stating that they realize the quality of their games have been dropping partially because they outsource so much, and that they were gonna slow down with outsourcing.

It's a good thing the RE creator and Megaman creator are doing their indie things separate from Crapcom now. Now just for the main SF team to break away from Crapcom and make a spiritual successor to SF3. Then I won't need to rely on them for anything anymore, greedy nickle 'n diming bastards.

rainslacker2259d ago

This looks like a remake of the original game. Seeing some of those scenes brought back a lot of memories because they were exactly the same as in the original.

The game play looks like fun, and if it plays like the original, which it looks like, then it will be fun.

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ATi_Elite2260d ago

I remember paying $80 bucks for the original 8 Megabyte Sega Genesis cartridge and beating it in like 5 hours.

.......anyway this looks to have the feel of the original Strider but there was no helper robot in the trailer. Hope it's in the game.

I loved Strider and always hoped they would do more with the franchise.

XboxFun2260d ago

Excellent, love the 2D style just like Shadow Complex and others like it.

So glad they didn't try and do some 3D game. Double Helix seems like they are really coming into their own now that they don't have to make movie tie ins.

Definite Xbox One purchase....or maybe even 360.

AceBlazer132260d ago ShowReplies(2)
AceBlazer132260d ago

Gotta give Jack his jacket ,game looks Good.

Jyndal2260d ago

What's the name of that Asian guy that kicks ass?
Oh yea...Ho Lee Fuk!

This looks like a fitting tribute to the Strider legacy.
I look forward to playing it.

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