UK retailer blames Microsoft for Xbox One Forza bundle problems

UK specialist retailer ShopTo have upset their early adopter customers by not allowing them to swap the Xbox One FIFA bundle for the newly revealed Xbox One Forza 5 bundle – and they blame it on the low stock allocation they have received from Microsoft.

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LucasEVille3910d ago

Never heard of them, what's wrong with using Game or Amazon.

Mr Pumblechook3909d ago (Edited 3909d ago )

Never heard of ShopTo? They are the biggest online only specialist in the UK. They picked up the pieces when GAME went bankrupt last year. A lot of people use them because they can be relied on to deliver a new game on launch day or earlier without charging more - unlike Amazon.co.uk.

Jdoki3909d ago

^^ This

ShopTo are my go to online retailer for games. Their prices often beat Amazon, they have a reward scheme, and fast delivery.

LucasEVille3909d ago (Edited 3909d ago )

Sorry, call me a traditionalist if you want. But I've never seen the site and none of my gaming buddies use it. Poor presence / advertising?

AceBlazer133909d ago

Really.Microsoft should've kept retailers in the loop about the bundles.Judging from the comments it seemed like a reliable sight.Sad to see them go through this, not that they aren't at fault as well.

Funantic13909d ago

Yeah I'd rather have Forza 5 over FIFA 14 any day.

noctis_lumia3909d ago

more probs for xbox done ?

good news



Looking back to 2014 and Forza Motorsport 5 Racing GOTY Edition

Carlos writes - "When it was time for Forza 5 to rock on up to the track, we were just entering the third generation of Xbox consoles, and to show off all that extra horsepower that would come inside the Xbox One, they wanted a flagship title that could truly showcase just what miracles the next generation could perform. And what better title than Microsoft’s beloved racer!"

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mijayire1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Such s supreme racing title. Hands down racing franchise of recent decades. Nothing has come close in quality or ratings.

bluefox7551762d ago

Not to mention the worst rated game in the series.

mijayire1762d ago

Apart from Forza 5. Talking about generally the Forza series has always been rated high. Perhaps Forza 5 was rushed for launch. Although made up again by Forza 6 and 7.

IRetrouk1762d ago

I liked the game well enough, it was a good starting point for the new gen and helped them build up to what motorsport 7 is now, the controversies wasnt with the numbers of cars or tracks though, it was more to do with the pc footage being passed off as xbox one, the downgrade from what they originally had shown caused more upset than the numbers.


Not all outdated football games are worthless

Games Asylum: "Outdated football games are a common sight when scouring jumble sales, car boots and charity shops for bargain price video games. Entire shelves filled with decade-old FIFA and PES games spread across a dozen formats. Often they end up in bargain bins, sitting alongside unwanted celebrity fitness DVDs and seemingly random TV show box sets. But here’s the thing. Not all football games gathering dust in the likes of Oxfam are in fact worthless."

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lptmg2194d ago

International Superstar Soccer 98 is still my fav


Put pedal to the metal in Forza Motorsport 5 now free via the Games With Gold scheme

Carlos writes - "It’s time to tweak that tuning setup, perfect those visuals and strap in to that harness before heading down to the track, as Forza Motorsport 5 is calling for all players with a free download now available thanks to Games With Gold!"

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