Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer Hands-on at PAX 2013

PlayStation, I Love You writes: "Killzone: Shadow Fall was shown off over the weekend at PAX Prime 2013, giving media and fans a taste of its multiplayer mode. From what I was told, fans had to wait close to 45 minutes to get their chance at the action. After my experience with the game, I’m confident in saying that most probably found it to be well worth the wait."

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allformats2268d ago

Man, these offscreen KZSF vids don't do the game justice.

xHeavYx2268d ago

Well. I played it at Pax, the game looks amazing. Believe me when I say you'll get killed a couple times while admiring the surroundings

monkeyDzoro2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

Was it running at 60fps ?

iamnsuperman2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

when has offscreen videos done any game justice?

Irishguy952268d ago

GG should just release a few vids at this point, showcase their game better than all these off screenies. I think leaked Vids of gameplay, if they are having positive feedback, the devs should consider releasing a vid of it in better quality. For example the witcher 3 recently

cyclindk2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

Yeah, wish they WOULD do a CoD-esque deal with two good teams of people playing each other, good source quality footage to see how it REALLY plays.

Way they showed off Ghosts junk...

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theFLeXy2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

game is going to be amazing

xReDeMpTiOnx2268d ago

i get to own everyone like kz2 all over again

finbars752268d ago

Keep dreaming kidding.Im always about playing good people on the killzone series.But I have a friend that everybody knows on this game.Magnum357 was the number one ranked player on killzone2 and hes getting ready to rip shit up.Cant wait.Oh yeah I agree with the guys above GG needs to release some actual videos instead of all these off screen ones.Driving me crazy.

xReDeMpTiOnx2268d ago

Uhhh killionaire was ranked #1.

But in terms of skill there was no number one player

But their were the top players that everyone knew about which included me :P

djwille882268d ago

With all due respect, I've never heard of the this magnum357 guy. I've got 51 days of MP play on Kz 2 as well.

finbars752268d ago

This was near the end of the killzone 2 era I believe and killionair was also a glitcher for a long time so no offense to you guys he doesnt really count in my book as legit.I have played with this guy and he was glitched out in the wall every game I played against him.Plzz dont try defending him because alot of us seen this nonsense and reported biut nothing was ever done about it as usual.

FANTA11802268d ago

what makes it more unique than other fps games ?

in my opinion it lacks the loadouts and unique abilities games like battlefield and cod bring to the table.

even tho cod is getting kinda old.

BraidedWALLACE2268d ago

The reason why I respectfully disagree with your statement is.

Just because it doesn't have what another games has doesn't make it anyless than that next.

The fact that it doesnt have those THINGS that you speak of is why it is unique to (DIRTYPIMP). Not every game need all that extra shit to be good.

Let me ask you this on a personal level Respectfully. Do you consider yourself unique or are you just like everyone else. ( More of the Same).

......Nothing Personal Here......

djwille882268d ago

Well kz 2 was skill based. Who says you need a crap ton of load outs and weapons for a game to be relevant?

Killzone 2 had a great tactical feel and the clan feature was second to none when the game is busy.

Anyway COD sucks and is made for skill less children to play.

FANTA11802268d ago

when someone make a statement saying something is the most unique , when theres absolutely nothing unique about an fps that has the same multiplayer experience as counterstrike which is 20 yrs old.

watch the video where the soldier goes around shoots a few rounds dies respawns ,...repeat ...this is just more of the same ...

then watch a video of lets say titansfall ...i wonder which one looks more "unique" ... or battlefield 4 for the sake of being called a fanboy.

Qurupeco2268d ago

How's this any different to what we've been doing for the last three killzones? Wake me up when naughty dog reveals their new game.

FANTA11802268d ago

it looks like more of the same ... :::yawn:::

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