How to Win this GTA V Banshee

You probably saw the news about West Coast Customs and Rockstar creating a reproduction of the in-game Banshee from GTA V. But you may not have known that this Banshee could be yours along with a check for $70,000.

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taz80802260d ago

The whole package for the Grand Prize Winner is values at over $250,000!! That is a lot of discs you can buy.

xHeavYx2260d ago

Imagine driving around in that beast of a car?

koh2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

For about a week, realizing the insurance (and lottery taxes) were more than I was paying for my current car and reluctantly selling it and buying a house.

And yeah... I'm still putting every reward point I have towards it.

taz80802260d ago

@koh - bubbles for you sir! I couldn't agree more. That car is a magnet for every cop car on the highway and thief in the neighborhood.

RavageX2259d ago

I can't even enter cause I don't give a damn about Gamestop, but it would be cool to win.