Disney Infinity: Exclusive Figures Beware

Disney Infinity, much like Skylanders, is jumping on the Exclusive/Pre-Order band wagon, now giving you the chance to buy figures at specific locations early or get a rare variant color for your collection. But buyer beware: the Disney exclusives are a bit different than the standard ones you may be used to. Allow me to elaborate.

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taz80803740d ago

I am all for exclusives, but ones that make sense or add value. Not a character that only can be used in 1 place

ajames3473740d ago

Agreed. I feel that if any company is selling a limited edition/exclusive something, it shouldn't just be a waste of money like that. It's a total scam.


Disney Infinity Deserves to be Revisited

The toys-to-life genre has died out, but the concept of Disney Infinity should live on in another genre since it provides a wild crossover for fans.

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micdagoat19420d ago

I still have the complete collection. would be cool for a new game


Is Disney Infinity Coming To The PS5 & Xbox Series X?

There is a huge gap in the market at the moment. There aren’t many (if any) toys-to-life games available for the two consoles yet. A reboot or remake of the game would work so well, especially with Disney’s current roster of characters, films and TV shows.

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lodossrage659d ago

Did Disney sell the rights to Activision? I never knew they had the rights to Disney Infinity.

They DO have the rights to Skylanders though.

Plus there's a financial reason every publisher gave up on the "toys to life" thing. So I doubt they'll revive any of them.

BrainSyphoned658d ago (Edited 658d ago )

It wasnt Skylanders fault Activision squeezed the cow too hard.

"During its earning calls, Activision confirmed that Skylanders: Swap Force had made them more money than Call of Duty: Ghosts. Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg revealed the numbers, putting Skylanders at a whopping $2 billion in revenue after it sold 175 million toys.May 7, 2014"

"Skylanders Reached the Milestone of 250 million figures sold in 2015 and passed $3 billion made"

BlackIceJoe659d ago

Is it possible Disney Infinity or other toys to games could return, but I'll be honest I really hope they don't come back.

These kinds of games are just another way for the game studios to nickle and dime you for every cent you have.

BLAKHOODe659d ago

Disney Infinity was a fun game I could play with my kid back in the day. I still have it and the 100+ toys and yes, it works on PS5. But my kid is a teenager now and we've both moved on to more serious games.

Fluke_Skywalker658d ago

Exact same thing here, we played Disney Infinity and Lego Dimensions. Both were great but are now just two big boxes full of stuff that never gets used.

BLAKHOODe658d ago

We played Lego Dimensions, too.. and I still have all those toys. It also works on PS5.


The Magic Of Toys-To-Life

Take a look at the rise and fall of Toys-To-Life games and see the magic it brought into everyone's home with games like Skylanders.

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