A moment of silence please: RIP Playstation Store

Fragcast mourns the passing of the web-based PS Store - but gets over it fairly quickly! Will you miss the PS Store of old, too?

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GutZ313842d ago

"Tomorrow we get a shiny new application-based interface made in a love-palace of stylishly designed win-bricks and fading page transitions of ultimate awesome.


And then... within about 5 minutes, everyone will be b!tching about something else."

God, I love that last sentence.

neil_19803842d ago

it wasnt the store that bothered me... I could live with it being web based etc.

What did bother me was the crappy EU updates... no amount of polish can change that.

Hopefully they will pull there finger out after this update though

Ben10543842d ago

it was easy to navigate and it worked with me flawlessly.
But why are there so many dumbasses out there, saying they didnt like the old store because it was hard to naviate WTF?, it couldnt be much simpler if you looking for a demo just go to Games, then click Demos or if your looking for a game video just click on Videos then Games Trailers

sonarus3842d ago

Well as long as it does the exact same stuff as the old stuff did plus more its good rithens or however it is you spell that

ToastyMcNibbles3842d ago

lol lovin that last part...i guess its hard to be so patient about things but you know going to have my ps3 for a long time with no intention of getting rid of it so sony take whatever time you need to fully polish the sh!t out of psn...most people dont realize that it took 5 years for xbl to be what it is today and it is without a doubt a great service...for a free service that we have with psn its shaping up to become one hell of a service as well but it takes time...psn has only been going on for one year heading on to number two so be patient...or at least try to

dfire12123841d ago

powdered toastman is the sh1t

PR0F3TA3842d ago

RIP - you were not as bad as they made you seem to be, you got the job done.

Wildarmsjecht3842d ago

It got the job done. I never once felt like I couldnt get to a game, download it or anything like that. Really, I must have a crapton of patience because i never wanted to go on a tantrum as some people make it seem like the store made them do. Im happy for change, but didnt mind the old.

Torch3842d ago

I personally have no patience, and must also agree that it got the job done, and was fair to least from point they finally integrated the L1 & R1 buttons for page-flipping.

Still, it was relatively static and limited, and did not justify the greatness and sleek of the PS3.

That said, I eagerly look forward to what tomorrow brings.

Ninja_Moomin3842d ago

basically... the old store was a shambles to look at and use... but never so bad that it wasn't functional.

Ninja_Moomin3842d ago

oh who am i kidding...


PSWe603842d ago

The PSN Store was a damn good first try.