Killzone: Mercenary Review | Invisible Gamer

Gabe Gurwin of Invisible Gamer: "Killzone: Mercenary is definitely worthy of a shooter-hungry Vita owner’s money. Even though it’s tough to get over some of the cheesy dialogue and cookie-cutter characterization, Guerilla Cambridge accomplished its goal: this is a solid first-person shooter on a portable system optimized and desperate for the genre."

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Sanquine902270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

Explosions and animation with melee uuhmmm i give it a B because of that - Writer

I disagree because its one of the best shooter on a portable device. Correction: The best shooter

xxPillsxx2270d ago

Reviewers these days are mostly CRAP. While they review an iPhone game BY an iPhone they review a PS Vita game BY comparing it to consoles...

Brien2270d ago

They're also people too, with their own opinions and ideas. Maybe be a bit more respectful. He still liked the game a lot.

GamingAngelGabriel2270d ago

I should point out that the Vita's slogan is "console quality on the go." So, comparing to consoles is what we're SUPPOSED to do.

Brien2270d ago

He did call it a very good game. A B is still a good score.

Otoshigamisama2270d ago

I don't really rely on reviewers for purchasing a game I only tend to get info from it but it never affects my purchase because I judge the game when I played it, SMH don't trust these guys trust your own judgement gamers :)