Game Dev Tycoon Review – Shallow, Yet Satisfying - The Koalition

The Koalition writes: "Everything in this game is incredible for a gamer like me. If you've grown up surrounded by games and gaming culture, followed the industry and read up on the events before or during your era as a gamer, then this game can only be described as nothing more than a nostalgia overload. From the obvious parodies of popular gaming consoles like the Ninvento (Nintendo, obviously) all the way to the developer's hilarious real-world handling of piracy - Game Dev Tycoon serves as effective and entertaining fan-service to the entire industry as a whole."

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Faztkiller2266d ago

I enjoy the game its like Game Dev Story but deeper and a lot more challenging. I suck at it lol

porkChop2266d ago

This is actually a really great game. t's very addicting and very satisfying. You just need to find the right strategy for the different platforms and genres.