The Elder Scrolls Online - E3 2013 Gameplay Trailer

The Quest to Save Tamriel Comes to PlayStation®4 Spring 2014. The Elder Scrolls Online is set roughly 1,000 years before the events in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and the coming of the Dragonborn, and just before the rise of Tiber Septim, the first Emperor of Tamriel. Three Alliances have emerged across the continent, each struggling for supremacy over the land. As these great powers battle one another for control of the Imperial City -- and with it all of Tamriel -- darker forces are moving to destroy the world.

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BlueBlood172266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

I really hope the lives up to the hype; Exploring the whole of tamriel with your friends should be all kinds of epic!

And is anyone else curious to see what skyrim will be like 1000 years before some crazy dude started running around FusRoDah-ing everything to peices? I know I am!

zeal0us2266d ago

Its probably going to go through the same thing that SWTOR sadly.

thekhurg2266d ago

Unless this gameplay trailer ends with the following statement:

"Subscription no longer required. Sorry for the mix-up."

Then hardly anyone cares about the gameplay.

ZBlacktt2266d ago

At PAX last weekend. This game had a massive cult like following line just waiting to play it. They have a cool very large booth setup as well.

BlingBlaine2265d ago

So 75$ + micro transactions in the first month is a little offputting.

Skipping eso untill it is f2p or cheaper at least, 240$ in the first year for skyrim online? Hell no.