Amid PS4 Virtual Reality Rumors, Oculus Is Ready For Some Competition

Competition in the VR space is inevitable -- and that Oculus is ready for it.

"There will be other people, I'm sure, and in a way that's good, because the more people get into the space the more that legitimizes it," Luckey told Gamasutra in the interview, published today.

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sincitysir12268d ago

Ill buy the cheapest and most supported for ps4

GentlemenRUs2268d ago

I'll go with the OR for the PS4 and PC anyday :D

2268d ago Replies(2)
dcj05242268d ago

Whoever gets on the ps4 and is under $300 is who gets my money.

Bathyj2268d ago

Great attitude from the OR guys. Instead of worrying that they might get less slices of the pie, theyre happy that the pie is getting larger.

Nekroo912268d ago

i think its actually good news for them because it will make their product more mainstream

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