Top 10 selling games on Steam, week beginning 9/1/13

The top 10 selling games on Steam for last week. They mainly include new entries but there are some veterans clinging on still.

1. Total War: ROME II
3. Saints Row IV
4. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist
5. You Need a Budget
6. Sid Meier's Civilization V Brave New World
7. Castlevania: Lords of Shadows - Ultimate Edition
8. Prison Architect
9. Game Dev Tycoon
10. Arma III Beta

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ATi_Elite2261d ago

I Proudly Own Rome II, Payday 2, and Arma 3 Beta.

I'm sure next week Amnesia A Machine for Pigs will be in the top 10

TNTgamer2261d ago

That game.... Words can not describe my excitement.

CommonSense2261d ago

No, you happily own those games. You can't take pride in someone else's accomplishments...unless it is someone who is directly influenced by you. like your children, for example.

unless...did you you develop those games?? that would be pretty impressive.



pride in the quality of the collection of games he has built. thats what he means by it.

Xristo2261d ago

Don't forget about Outlast. Goes live tomorrow. Can't wait!!

ATi_Elite2259d ago


Dam you PC Gaming too many games not enough time!

Xof2261d ago

Rome 2 is such a disappointing mess. The real shame is that most of the problems should have been evident during playtesting, and should be easily fixable...

...But they aren't because CA made the data files much less accessible, meaning even basic mods to fix stupid decisions in the game will take a lot longer to come out. Gotta work on breaking through the encrypted data first--and to think they were declaring that it would be the "most modable" Total War game to date.

hellzsupernova2261d ago

What problems have you encountered?
I was looking at building a pc partly for this game!

Xof2261d ago

In terms of stability, it's got a LOT of bugs. The worst one I've encountered is that the game will pause itself, and you won't be able to UNpause the game--you'll have to exit to windows and relaunch.

The other big issue is its atrocious optimization. Even people with monster machines are getting inconstant framerates with stutters. (Which is odd, because visually Rome 2 is much less impressive than Shogun 2--the textures in particular are ugly).

The main issues with the game though are the really poorly-implemented design choices. The battle speed has been increased dramatically, so even the biggest of battles won't last any longer than 10 minutes, and the BAI is just wonky (you'll see whole armies chasing after a single unit of cavalry).

And the CAI still cheats.

But the real game breaker is the new arbitrary army limitations. See this thread on Steam for a good explanation of how it ruins the game:

Rome 2 introduces a lot of new options, features and mechanics that have the potential to make it one of the best Total War games of all time... but the execution is laughably inept. In a few months time, once we've got some mods to fix the broken mechanics and patches to optimize the game, it'll certainly be worth a buy--possibly a must-buy--but in its current state, Rome 2 isn't worth playing, let alone buying, let alone giving up Shogun 2 for.

hellzsupernova2261d ago

Thanks for the breakdown.

I was playing shogun 2 on my laptop but it ran poorly at best. So lately have been playing medievil 2 which is still awesome fun.

Shame was really hoping this game would bring me back to the pc as my main gaming device the total war series has stolen me every time.

hellzsupernova2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Plus bubbles for helping. But on that guys post I feel like that's part of war. Why wouldn't a stronger army invade if you are weak and betray you and the armies attacking by sea is also a valid strategy.

Granted I haven't played it myself but in war these are valid tactics. Although the army limit in the cities sounds unreasonable.

Xof2260d ago

No, I agree. The AI is definitely better. The problem is that the improved AI just makes it all the more glaring how much of a game-breaking problem the army limits are.

AceBlazer132261d ago

Looking to expand my gaming.After I buy my ps4 a pc is my next savings target.So I'd like to know is this a good pc(I'm not a techy and I'm not into building PC I might touch the wrong thing.)

ElementX2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Honestly you should just build one. It seems a little overwhelming at first however 90% of the assembly is foolproof. Cables only fit into certain places and it only takes a few hours, maybe a little more if it's your first time. I just built my 3rd pc in December or late November and I was surprised how much easier it has gotten.

AceBlazer132261d ago

Yh I really wanna build one but I can't help shake the feeling I'll mess up somewhere.I might buy the wrong size casing or incompatible parts or something.

aliengmr2261d ago

10 or 15 years ago it was somewhat difficult, but now its just plain easy.

If you are building your first PC I recommend a nice roomy case.

Just need an ATX motherboard and case. ATX is/was your standard size. After that you need to make sure what processors fit the mobo. That's pretty much it. The mobo will have a list of things it supports.

Personally I always stay away from the latest and greatest stuff. I stay 1 gen behind for GPU. Haven't touched my CPU for years now.

I does get frustrating, but in the end there is a certain amount of pride that comes from building a PC.

Somebody2261d ago

Nothing beats the feeling playing games on a machine that you've assembled yourself.

TNTgamer2260d ago

The problem is that when I built mine it was running "Winowdos" (that's not a typo btw)