Oblivion running on CryEngine 2

A video showcasing what the world of Oblivion would look like inside CryEngine 2, the game engine that runs the graphics powerhouse, Crysis.Better lighting,soft shadows,improved day-night cycle,all made possible thanx to the Cryengine 2.

the high resolution version


u can also watch the hi rez version here

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SPARTAAN4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

the vidoe quality is bad
hope he uploads the hi rez version soon

SPARTAAN4662d ago

ive posted the link to the hi rez version

kr90914663d ago

I downloaded the Hi Res version and the CryEngine2 makes the game look absolutely beautiful!

chaosatom3334663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

I was actually worried about how it's going to look, because it's so big and all, but this video confirmed that the game is going to be epic.

Although there still needs to be lots work to be done.

Gorgon4663d ago

" but this video confirmed that the game is going to be epic."

What game? I don't think anyone is going to do a remake of Oblivion with CryEngine 2, is it?

Dpa4663d ago

This video alone crashes my PC, wtf.

chaosatom3334663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

yeah u have to click on view video and then follow the link to gametrailers.

I was going to report this article, but it's too late.

edit: haha, that was funny man. It crashes because it's running on cryengine2 and it's crashes literally.

meepmoopmeep4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

prettier graphics will not sway me to play that boring game twice.
sorry for you Oblivion fans, but to me, that game was boring as hell.

but i'm sure it will look amazing running off that engine though

Kami4663d ago

im lvl 30 and still playing. oh god i dont have a life.

TrevorPhillips4662d ago

oblivion dosent suck is that y it got best rpg and a rating of 9.6 its 1 of the best games its like sayin GTA IV will suck but which wouldnt cause ill be the best of 08

yamamoto1144662d ago

No one has EVER heard of an opinion before have they.

I hated Gears of War. Shoot me. But it deserves its rating, because it's a great game. Just because I didn't like it doesn't mean it's a great game for other reasons. It is. I just don't care about those reasons.

NO_PUDding4657d ago

I totally agree.

Morrowind was a fantatsic game, but Oblivion was so shockingly 'meh'. And I don't like any game that is disingenious to it's roots. So many continuity errors in Oblivion from the TES canon, it made me sick.

And I would shoot Pete Hines for being so arrogant about the turd of a game he produced. And by shoot I mean, shoot him on a camera and photoshop something embrassing in.

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The_Firestarter4663d ago

I'm a bit confused. What is this? A mod for Crysis? Are Crytek and Bethesda working together to make this? Is this a stand alone game? Is this just some tech demo? Can somebody help me out here? lol

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The story is too old to be commented.