CNET: Xbox One ESPN And NFL Integration: A Look At What's Coming

Microsoft wants you to perceive the Xbox One as a way to get your TV and entertainment in a bold new way. While it was known this was coming since the Xbox event back in May, Microsoft has offered a little more detail about what these sports offerings entail when they debut in November. Between the split-screen delivery of content and multi-tasking that the Xbox One's capable of plus its use of HDMI-in to deliver cable TV content, the One could be a magical living room all-in-one device.

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denawayne2261d ago

Laugh all you want at this, it will sell systems. There are a lot of people out there who use their systems (PS3 and 360) for more than gaming.

Idba2261d ago

Thea Only i use my ps3 is gaming, Blu-ray and netflix. The only country that cares about nfl is NA, and i live om Norway and nobody here gives a fuck about the nlf

koolaid2512260d ago

The nfl is set st make 25 billion dollars a year starting in 2025

glennco2260d ago

So you are just trolling?

P0werVR2260d ago

Ask yourself why major industries and companies target NA first....because it has a stronger market!

Put your sentiments aside, it's all about the money not about a group of lackeys passion over a sport. Fifa will sale a lot, but given how much you would get out of a single currency compared to differing lower valued currency NA will always be the main target for either company.

xHeavYx2261d ago

Right, I can imagine people reserving the One just because ESPN. If only there was an electronic box that let you watch tv without having to pay$500... oh wait, there is, it's called TV!

denawayne2261d ago

Let me clarify. I think TV integration and snapping will sell systems. Not just NFL and ESPN stuff


U still need cable for all that to work

Flutterby2261d ago

Plus most of the world couldn't care less about NFL or espn , most of this tv integration will be useless to anyone outside of the US, and also needing a paid tv sub to use it kinda makes the point moot. I can't see this as some major selling point to most ppl

maniacmayhem2261d ago

Thank god I live in the US where I love some Football and baseball.

I can see this being a major selling point to most people including me.

Fireseed2261d ago

General summary of comments so far...

"I don't live in NA so it doesn't matter to me, it won't matter to anyone then"



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The story is too old to be commented.