PS4 to launch at “a level we’ve never seen before”: Sony’s Gara

Console gaming’s over? Not so fast. SCE UK boss Fergal Gara tells Patrick Garratt demand for PS4 is “spectacularly” above that seen in the current generation. Ready for November?

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ArchangelMike2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Excellent. Hope the dev out there will use the large install base as an incentive to utilise the PS4's unique features. Just make that PS4+PSVita bundle happen already!

cleft52261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

It's pretty clear that Sony has been planning for this moment for years now and with Kaz Hirai going from head of the Playstation division to CEO of Sony, the Playstation division of Sony is going to have all of the backing of Sony's resources to do something really special.

It's really nice to see a major company being so on point with the needs and wants of modern consumers. To be honest, I was fairly depressed about next-gen gaming until Sony delivered all of this great news. Definitely looking forward to the launch of the PS4.

3-4-52261d ago

They basically just admitted they will be shipping the most consoles they ever have at launch.

gaelic_laoch2261d ago

I have my ticket for the Express into Gaming Paradise and I cannot wait!

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voodoogts2261d ago

Can wait for Knack for the PS4. Game screams nexgen on launch day! Lol

pyramidshead2261d ago

Now everyone knows why you have one bubble haha.

DigitalAnalog2261d ago

Don't worry, let them have their cake. Once the Naughty Dog's, SSM, Guerilla Cambridge and other Sony studios announces their games - it will be back to the caves from whence they came to find it filled with crows to sustain themselves. Going by from the rate SONY pulled themselves up from 2009 up to this late, it's going to be a very very painful reality they would have to face.

devwan2261d ago

"Top-to-toe of the organisation there’s a fighting spirit, there’s a confidence. That’s contagious. It’s really exciting in a business to have all the troops really giving it eleven out of ten. It feels great."

Compare and contrast to elsewhere and to the same company of the past...

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