PlayStation's Gara talks price wars, Bloodborne, No Man's Sky and Black Friday

As Sony celebrates hitting 2m PS4s sold in the UK, MCV meets UK MD Fergal Gara to discuss price wars, the next generation of PS4 owners and what has happened to all the games.

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SaveFerris1252d ago

Sony may have 'no concerns' but what about PS4 gamers?

Moldiver1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

They are in the lead, sales wise, and will probably still have an advantage over xbox with third party game performance. They are in the position the X360 was in. They are not concerned. As long as they have the cheaper console and its more powerful, that will be enough to carry them. For the rest of this generation. 2016 will be a better year for PS exclusives though. But the cards are still in sonys favour to maintain their sales lead.even if Xbox has the better exclusives this year...MS still have an uphill battle. Sony dont. They are cruising in the lead.

"E3 is coming up and dinner will be served."

Be careful with that dont who the chef will be...that is all.

Its about the games not sales. You want sony to spend half their conference bragging about sales like so many past MS E3s? careful what you wish for. Companies that do well tend to get a bit relaxed.....

"People are going to learn a hard lesson on why sales matter shortly, mark my words."

You must be new around here if you dont see the irony of what you just said....You sound like an X360 fan on N4G circa 2008, when the NPDs were nothing but X360 ownage. I guess you feel the shoe is on the other foot and its "your turn"

MS aint the only who did 180s this gen it would seem. Sales matter to PS fans after years of not having anything to brag about in all those NPD articles and telling X360 fans the games are whats important...but listen to you now....

Transistor1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

They are not cruising in anything.

They have all the big marketing deals and have unannounced Third party exclusives on top of all their First party studios working on PS4 games.

People are going to learn a hard lesson on why sales matter shortly, mark my words.

Crimzon1252d ago

As a PS4 owner, my primary concern is with getting good exclusives. Third party marketing deals don't really mean much since I didn't buy this console to play multiplatform games, I bought it based on the strength of the PS3's exclusive lineup and the hopes that Sony would continue to offer a strong lineup.

Same goes for sales numbers. I don't care how much Sony is beating the competition because when I turn my PS4 on, I can't play sales numbers can I? No, I can only play games, and games are what I want to see. After Uncharted 4 slipped to 2016 I'm hoping that Sony has something good to fill the void in their lineup.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1252d ago

Why on Earth would Sony be concerned about their line up of games when they have more than 20 games scheduled for release in the upcoming months. Unlike the competition, Sony has opted for diversity in it's "ALL YEAR AROUND" lineup, and it is this diverse selection that has proven itself throughout Playstation history. The typical naysayers will say that the PS4 is nothing but hype, however, the success of the Playstation brand says otherwise.

ScorpiusX1252d ago

First off , big deal on the lead , better this better that who gives a damn if you got no games for it . America was once dominant and look how that working for it . As for talking of sales MS has never spoken about sales at E3 , the one that talks about sale at every E3 is Sony . Sadly the only ones to do so .

freshslicepizza1252d ago

i should hope ps4 owners would want some unique software this fall/christmas to the system and not just talk about sales. to sony's credit they don't bunch up all of their games in one quarter. we've already seen great games like bloodborne this year.

sony is playing it safe, they are delaying big titles to less competitive dates and allowing third party games to shine in key times. it is all by design because they know they had a rock solid campaign going into the release of the system and are just riding the waves now.

Utalkin2me1252d ago


".be careful what you wish for. Companies that do well tend to get a bit relaxed..... "

You mean relaxed as Sony did with the PS2 and PS3? s/

Sony always focuses on games, always have and hopefully always will. They like trying new things and allowing developers to do their own thing and let them be creative and try something new.

wegetsignalx1252d ago

Sony is investing more into the Playstation division, WWS, and PSN, not less. They are not getting lazy. This was made clear in their recent FY report. The 1st party support is already strong with more games on the way.

nX1252d ago

It's easy to understand why they're not worried even without knowing what they're going to announce at E3. Still, to compete with MS and secure this holiday season they need at least one megaton and I'm honestly thinking that The Last Guardian could be it. Couple that with announcements of Gran Turismo 7, God Of War 4 and something from Media Molecule/Quantic Dream/Guerilla Games and there'd be really no reason for Sony to worry about anything.

Pastorfuzz1252d ago

@Moldiver. How does SaveFerris post sound like he's new and a 360 fanboy? Critisizing people for their posts for no good reason does not seem right to me. I too own a PS4 and hope we get something good from Sony.

Moldiver1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

"You mean relaxed as Sony did with the PS2 and PS3? s/ "

You must have a short memory or a serious case of fanboy induced bias if you dont remember how bad the PS3 launch was. remember that price tag? those shitty PS3 launch titles? The arrogance as the "father of playstation" Ken kutaragi, proclaimed "hey its a playstation, you will work to jobs to get one if needed"...You guys are funny.

"How does SaveFerris post sound like he's new and a 360 fanboy?"

You clearly fail at comprehension (seems to be common around here)Why would I call ferris a 360 fanboy when he is a PS guy expressing concern for games on his platform?

the part of my comment you are referring to was a response to transistor...hence the quote and response. Read my comments properly before responding next time.

"Critisizing people for their posts for no good reason does not seem right to me."

not reading my comments properly and then responding doesnt seem right to me. I gave ferris a pretty reassuring response, transistor got the grilling. Again Read before replying. You would atleast know which of your fellow PS4 bretherin you are defending.

BlackTar1871252d ago


What was wrong with PS3 launch titles? Way better then Xbox 360 launch titles or do you easily forget how that system didn't have much of anything when it launched int he first couple months. The one saving grace was perfect dark and that wasn't very good imo.

MysticStrummer1252d ago

"Sales matter to PS fans after years of not having anything to brag about in all those NPD articles"

You're misrepresenting that conversation. PS3 was outselling 360 pretty consistently from the moment it released. The NPD PS fan phrase wasn't "sales don't matter at all" it was "NA isn't the world", meaning PS3 was outselling 360 worldwide.

OT - Why should they be concerned? As a gamer I'll take more games all year over more games during the holidays.

AngelicIceDiamond1252d ago

Sony didn't really say anything that would ensure the PS4 will have any other AAA's this holiday besides Tearaway, No Man's Sky Until Dawn, Ratchet And Clank and third party marketing which looks like a good line up in itself realistically.

"The good news is that the ability to stick to time lines will improve as people get experience of the hardware under their belts. I have been hearing stories from around the industry that give me assurance that developers have got a better grasp on things, so we will be in increasingly good shape."

That's fantastic news though. Means Sony's 1st party AAA's will be up to superior quality. They're taking there time with their 1st party and won't half ass like third party AAA's have been.

Sony didn't tease anything for E3 in that statement that would hint a big AAA would release this holiday. Gotta save a few surprises see what Sony has.

Utalkin2me1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )


How did we go from games lineup to price of the console and such?

And on to your new comment about Sony arrogance. Cause it seemed we strayed away from what you was originally talking about. Most new systems always have mediocre launch lineups. But you have to look year in and year out and see is consistent on releasing new ips and great exclusives.

And yes Sony did say people will get 2 jobs to get a PS3, it was pricey. But it was also more advanced then anything on the market. Built in wireless, bluetooth, HDMI, Blu ray, bigger HDD etc. I mean MS told people if they couldn't afford a Xbox1 then go buy a 360.

magiciandude1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

I don't really care how many Big Macs McDonald's sold on a daily basis. I really care about the food that I want to eat. McDonald's has nothing to offer that I want which is why I don't go there.

Sales alone is not what the average gamer cares about. Sony fans all of last gen have flooded Xbox 360 articles saying how sales =/= quality, Sony has the games. Why can't that apply this gen? PS3 sales were the least of my concerns last gen when I was a PS fanboy, and now that I game on an Xbox One, sales are still the same unimportant spreadsheet data. They matter to MS and Sony, but not to the gamers unless their systems are in risk of being dropped support, which is something that won't happen anytime soon.

donthate1252d ago

I think it will be much more interresting after E3 so we actually see a lot clearer what is coming.

Spencer already announced that they have the best lineup in Xbox history. I hope Sony and co brings it to for the ultimate Christmas. If not, well at least it is looking good so far with Xbox One, Halo 5 and maybe Gears of War: Ultimate Edition.

insomnium21251d ago


By patronizing Moldriver you actually spread misinformation. Sony never said people will work 2 jobs to buy a PS3. They said they want people to want the system so bad they want to work more hours to afford one. Read the effing direct quote from that interview. There's a ton of difference with EXPECTING something to happen instead of WANTING people to think that way.

Additionally more hours =/= 2 jobs. More hours is more hours. This propaganda sure has done it's damage to the way people think about Kutaragi. Shame. Even today it floats around like a turd in a swimming pool....

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Transistor1252d ago

I'm glad they said it. E3 is coming up and dinner will be served.


Also, let's be real. PS4 outsold Xbox One worldwide last year when the Xbox had cut almost half it's price when including the game prices in the $349 bundle.

Septic1252d ago

I don't get this fascination will sales numbers. No one is talking about that here.

Games, that's what the topic of discussion is about. But yes, I agree, E3 should hold a few surprises. A lot of Sony studios have been rather quiet and I fully expect them to unveil some megatons at E3.

Transistor1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

Sales equal Third party support, which if you haven't noticed they keep piling up on PS4. Bloodborne, Dragon's Dogma, SFV, SO5 and more. This trend will not stop and it all has to do with sales.

You can feel about it how you want to, it makes no difference to me.

Septic1252d ago

Sales convos are just ammo for fanboys imo. Who on earth ever thought that third party support was an issue for Sony or MS? Its just a silly little defense really.

Instead, people should talk about Sony's track record and army of studios. But the whole, "its dominating on sales" just sounds like fanboy drivel. Let's be honest, it is. Just like it was last gen. Depends on the context mind you but your kind of sentiment is commonplace here.

ShowanW1252d ago

Look I get it.. Your are super excited to have a PS4, I'm a PS4 owner myself (and a One owner).

But just relax and enjoy the games you like.

Microsoft isn't some poor company down in the dumps company. I'm pretty sure their checking account reflects this as well.

Transistor1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

" Sales convos are just ammo for fanboys imo"

I disagree, sales actually effect the publishers.

I think reviews are more ammo for fanboys.

Forza Horizon 2 Review-#ForzaPlayers

Don't you agree? You wrote that didn't you?

Opinion piece are good ammo as well

Is DriveClub a flop?

DriveClub Network disaster: Proof that the ‘Power of the Cloud’ is no joke

Septic1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

"I disagree, sales actually effect the publishers. "

So you don't think that what you do and others like you use sales for fanboy leverage at all in your arguments? Are you honestly telling me that?

"I think reviews are more ammo for fanboys. "

Reviews are ammo for fanboys? Depends on who utilises them. And you link my review of Forza....and? It's good to know that you're a follower of Gameondaily but want to clarify?

[re: your edit]

Well Mar..Transistor. So you want to play the gutter game of singling my stuff out. Off-topic but I guess I need to shed light on your rather selective memory. Opinion pieces work both ways too:

Sony wins E3 2014

Forza Horizon 2 Cross-Gen: Slamming the brakes on progress

PlayStation Plus puts Xbox Live to shame

Why Trophies are better than Achievements

Only 115k Xbox One’s sold in April – The true reason for the dis-Kinect

I shouldn't really have to respond to this but really, your post and your attitude is actually quite telling of the exact criticisms I have against the mentality of a certain subset of gamers.

Transistor1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

#ForzaPlayers is a play on #ForThePlayers on PS4.

That says enough. Forza being reviewed has nothing to do with PS4. Doing that is pretty normal for amateur fan sites though.

remixx1161252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

Frankly for the most part septic has actually been right.

Well except for those bias articles of his...

Septic1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )


"#ForzaPlayers is a play on #ForThePlayers on PS4.

That says enough. Forza being reviewed has nothing to do with PS4"

So only the PS4 can be for the players eh? The play on words takes what away from the PS4? Forza can't be for the players?

RE: the rest, well I don' expect you to have a good retort. Funnily enough, a user with a remarkably similar style to yours was PM'ing me praising me for 'exposing' Kinect 2.0's failures. Strange world eh? Speaking of Kinect, I got called a Sony fanboy for this:

Xbox One Drops Kinect- What an absolute joke

I don't mince my words just to pander to the sensibilities of fanboys.

"Doing that is pretty normal for amateur fan sites though."

Creating several alternate accounts on N4G and then expending a lot of energy propagating one platform and deriding the other is also pretty normal for die-hard fanboys, isn't it? Its crazy to me how they regard themselves as gamers. Seems rather insulting to the medium but hey, I'm not the arbiter in deciding things. But keep on following Gameondaily. We amateurs need support :)

But to steer this back on topic, the PS4 is doing well for a reason. However, that doesn't mean everything is guaranteed. I myself rode on the hype for ages and was actually really disappointed last year. In fact, up until the release of Bloodborne (you'll love the review for that I bet), I really did not think that apart from Resogun, there was anything noteworthy on the PS4 at all (and I know its an opinion and many on here will disagree and think the same for the X1 etc). But many studios have been MIA for a while and now seems like the perfect time to reveal those titles.

This year, I expect the best E3 showing from Sony. I have a feeling they will have some pretty big surprises. I also think they need to show that off because a lot of us have been wondering what the aforementioned studios have been up to.

So yeah, sales are not indicative of quality. Otherwise we would all be Beliebers if that was true.



QuickdrawMcgraw1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

Septic...those fanboys you may hide in the weeds...but you are a fanboy....

NatureOfLogic_1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

@QuickdrawMcgraw Well said, Septic is perfect example of a stealth troll. Even though he tries very hard to be neutral, his bias shows most of the time. I enjoy reading his comments though, they're fun to read unlike most fanboy comments. He at least attempts to make a valid argument most of the time, even though I disagree with almost every comment he makes.

Yetter1251d ago

cut in half?? no kinect in the 349$ xb1. I seriously hate how often this gets thrown around. There has never been an XB1 price cut, there has only been the unbundlling of Kinect, and you know it

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lelo2play1252d ago

I'm curious to see what Sony has for Christmas... beside multiplats.

andibandit1252d ago

Im dreading its gonna be heaps of indies

bleedsoe9mm1252d ago

@andibandit sadly if there were any big AAA games that aren't remasters due out we'd know it by now . sony new slogan "nothing for christmas but good the rest of the year" truth isn't as catchy

Fkhalf161252d ago

hoping they release DQ Heroes and Persona 5 around this time, would be perfect Xmas for me.

r2oB1251d ago

I'm curious to see what Microsoft has until Christmas... Besides multiplats.

It's like some people forget there are 12 months in a year. You'd think these people hibernated for 10 months or something. Pavlov ain't got nothing on Microsoft, the way they have these people conditioned.

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MasterCornholio1252d ago

Well I play Exclusives and Multiplats so I'm not concerned at all.

MasterCornholio1252d ago


Yep I'm looking forward to your game Jonathan.

Can't wait for The Witness.

Dark111252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

The only people concerned with Sonys holiday lineup are on N4G/GAF etc.

General public doesn't care.. this is why sony have 'no concerns.
3 party games will carry them through the holiday.

Most people are excited and getting ready to buy consoles for Battlefront/COD/AC/Batman

That's a great lineup to them.

Ausbo1252d ago

People have to wait till after E3 before they get "concerned". Probably a lot of games will be announced

showtimefolks1252d ago

I am not concerned either

Mgs don't will have exclusive dlc and marketing rights

Same goes for star wars

And if rumors are true of a
cod now having er clove marketing rights to ps4 along with 30 days of exclusive dlc

So the way I see it, Sony cam dominate this fall with 3rd party titles.

As big as people make Hali to be, it's really not. Halo peaked with halo 3 and no Hali game has since come close to halo 3 sale numbers

And seriously how many more forza games di we need. It's like one GT game alone sells more than forza series combined

So Sony shouldn't be worried. They have a much bigger install base abd will sell more software

So more money either way

remixx1161252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

Yeah but why does that matter to you??? How does Sony having the marketing rights to those games help you.

Sure sales help with third party exclusives and such but I need to see this huge bevvy of games Sony has behind doors come to fruition....the last guardian, horizon, rime, no mans sky, WiLD, ratchet and clank, uncharted 4, street fighter 5, deep down, persona 5, dragon quest heroes, disgeae 5, the tomorrow children, star ocean 5, hell blade, tales of zesteria, everybody's gone to rapture, god of war 4, until dawn, gran turismo 7....Sony has a huge arsenal I mean LOOK AT THAT FREAKING LIST OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD, yet I don't know the release dates of any of them, just windows and speculation.

This^, this is what ps4 fans, no gamers in general should be discussing and getting excited about not f*cking sales.

That's not even all of Sony's studios---media molecule, sucker punch, studio london, level 5s new ps4 game, studio Japan...........all this ammo yet Sony needs to be more concrete with its deliveries....

jb2271251d ago

If the rumored COD marketing exclusivity deal is true & if it's as costly as I'd assume it to be, then it's a bad decision in my eyes. MS spent all of last gen engraining themselves in the COD brand, and it would take equally as long for Sony to steal that mindshare for themselves. Sony already has the higher install base, they should use their funds to fund more exclusive titles, or at the very least to market games like Bloodborne & Until Dawn in a bigger fashion.

nosferatuzodd1252d ago

all the trolls are sleeping now cuz their fav system is getting outsold by ps4 you just wait until November youre going to see all kinds of article about how great halo forza and tombraider is and how doomed ps4 is

MysticStrummer1252d ago

Nah they're not sleeping. They're here with false concern over PS4's game lineup, when the fact is PS4 has more games all year long… again.

PuppetMaster2511251d ago

Did you not see that article about how xone recently outsold the PS4?

jznrpg1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

E3 is just a few weeks away so there is that. Also , it doesnt make a lot of sense to release many 1st party games against the slew of multiplats anyway. There will be games, but they keep the games coming all year around and I believe many prefer it this way. Maybe kids who get most of their games for christmas don't like it, maybe that isnt who Sony is going after anyway.

FullmetalRoyale1252d ago

I want great experiences. Who makes them doesn't get me off. I just want to play great games, and I have been since I purchased my system of choice at launch.

This me vs you mentality is so freaking juvenile.

Magicite1252d ago

Games (both released and announced):
PlayStation 4 = 431
Xbox One = 289
Wii U = 328

Kingscorpion711252d ago

Theirs some great multiplatform games coming out this fall too. Metal Gear Solid is one of them ☺

Jalva1252d ago

Someone please make this a gif,

A man with a PSN logo for his head is slowly pushing through a Winter snowstorm and eventually falls to his knees, then another man with an EA logo for his head speeds by on a Star Wars hoverbike and offers him a lift through the snowstorm and they speed off into the distance together with 2016 written on the horizon.

alabtrosMyster1252d ago

Yes obviously, the backlash has finally started, people are returning their PS4s to the store in great numbers and they are getting XB1 because of all the great games it has!

Malice-Flare1252d ago

please don't speak for PS4 gamers, you certainly don't speak for me...

according to this survey, people bought a PS4 for #1 better res, #2 the blu-ray player & #3 game library...

from that i can conclude PS4 buyers:

#1 don't have a PC capable of playing 3rd party games at a better quality, or don't want to use their PC for such. 3rd party games may as well be exclusives.

#2 still watch physical discs from their netflix/redbox queue, and

#3 prefer Sony's exclusives...

_-EDMIX-_1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

Nope. The fall has just been exaggerated in terms of gaming. I'm sorry but Sony and many publishers have proven time and time again....its not the only time to release games. Sony is clearly caring favor with 3rd parties by literally handing them the fall.

God Of War III, Heavy Rain, InFamous, Motorstorm, Super Star Dust, from other publishers, Lost Planet 2, RE5, Street Fighter IV, Arkham Asylum, LA Noire, Max Payne 3, Red Dead Redemption etc.

Sony is making the right call by delaying Uncharted 4 and making it perfect vs going against the fall lineup with an unsure release.

I believe in games releasing when they are ready to be released, not to seek the fall line up and rushed to met some date.

Some of the titles that have been notorious for this have ironically been fall games. ie AC Unity and BF4, and I blame publishers before developers for this mess. Developers are contracted out and have little say when a title releases, they are paid to do a job and clearly need the time to do it correctly.

I could care less if fall has a PS4 exclusive, this year has a boat load of exclusives from them, Bloodborne, Driveclub, Let It Die, Until Dawn, The Tomorrow Children,Everyone's Gone To Rapture, Rime (hopefully) and many more, on top of a huge selection of 3rd parties.

Quite frankly I don't need a fall exclusive so long as exclusives are coming down the matters not WHEN they come. The fall has always been again...exaggerated. Many, many successful titles have released in spring.

Summer and Spring give many titles a chance to shine while no other major releases come out....

masterfox1251d ago

I'm a gamer and I have absolutely no concern , already know the games that will be available and it will be more than enough and yet we haven't seen this E3, Sony will announce even more games for this year and next.

Pretty much this gaming generation belongs to the PS4 ;)

iTechHeads1251d ago

Gamers have plenty to play and will have trouble choosing between Battlefront and Black Ops 3.

WickedLester1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

"Looks over at my copies of Destiny, Bloodborne, Driveclub, GTA V, Farcry 4, Shadows Of Mordor, Assassins Creed Unity, Little Big Planet 3, MLB The Show 2015, Infamous SS/First Light, Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, Dark Souls: Scholars of the First Sin, Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition, Mortal Kombat X, and The Last of Us Re mastered. Then looks at my pre-order receipts for The Witcher 3, Batman Arkham Knight, Star Wars: Battlfront, Until Dawn, and God of War 3 HD Re mastered."

Nope, absolutely no concern whatsoever!

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AudioEppa1252d ago

That's what I'm talking about, be confident and let haters keep talking that good s#*t


DoomeDx1252d ago

Well duh.. You expect Sony to say ''We think this christmas is going to suck'' and lose a lot of sales?

This is just PR talk. Disagree all you want with me.

Silly gameAr1252d ago

Well, I don't see Sony promising the best playstation lineup in playstation history like other companies are. That sounds more like PR talk to me. They are just confident with what they're bringing and don't need only the holidays to release good games.

I'm, pretty sure most gamers like to game year round anyway, unless I'm just out of touch.

UltraNova1251d ago

Well I for one wont buy into any PR talk from anyone. I will wait until after E3 to judge all 3 conferences for my self.

NoremacTheGamer1252d ago

Thank you! Too many people keep talking shit like we are not at the beginning of the year still...

Also they act like E3 has already happened talking about PS4 having no games like WHAT!

Are you serious lol I got a good 6 exclusives I'm looking forward too plus 7 multiplatform games with confirmed dates and good 56 downloadable titles I'm looking forward too and most of those are exclusive too!

People need to do their research and open up to what's actually coming becuase there's actually tons tbh lol.

Just there's a lot to be seen we just haven't seen yet which makes the experience that much more exciting! XD

Can't wait to see all these hater be like oh shit PS4 had games the whole time! Duh lol XD

But with all of us as gamers it does depend what games you're into also though tbh but thats why I say open up to trying different games because I really do believe a good chunk of people just dont even give most of these games a chance but hey I could be 100% about everything I just said lol I just really wanted to speak my mind about all this mess with some of these wild gamers out here haha! XD

BlackTar1871252d ago

PS4 has more games then Xbox one and has been this way since release. let the insecure xbox fans have their moment.

Death1252d ago


I didn't buy a PS4 or Xbox One for the indies. When you remove them, the numbers fall considerably.

BiggerBoss1252d ago


The numbers fall considerably, but they still outnumber those of the xbox one

Spotie1252d ago

@Death: I bought a PS4 for the games, indie or otherwise. Since when does the developer's ownership status matter?