[MWEB GameZone] Review Carmageddon for Android: Vehicular Mayhem

MWEB GameZone writer Zubayr Bhyat has written a review of Carmageddon for Android and it's pretty good. The issues don't get in the way of a good retro gaming experience. It's also bargain of the year.

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HanCilliers2271d ago

Brilliant read! The mobile gaming market is going to surprise everyone with its quality and popularity. It's also so much cheaper than the other platforms. Mark my words, it's going to be bigger than everyone thinks

PandaMcBearface2271d ago

Rather interesting to see how well this whole portal thing worked. I remember GTA San Andreas and all those bugs :/

Choc_Salties2271d ago

After Zubayr told me that it existed, i downloaded the game, and have had hours of fun jamming this! So many fond memories playing this, absolutely LOVE IT!!

I'd have rated it higher though, but possibly thats the nostalgia talking...

plut0nash2271d ago

Ya, unfortunately had to rate it according to age :)

DesVader2271d ago

This is so cool to have a classic like this available on Android phones!!

plut0nash2271d ago

iOS too. Android seems to get releases much later though :(