Microsoft Xbox One Could Possibly Feature a Powerful Discrete GPU Core Stacked Inside the APU

According to the information, the APU fused on the Xbox One is using an W2W (wafer 2 wafer) multi-module design that allows stacking of one chip on another. The first layer wafer is dedicated to the 28nm HPM Main SOC which was revealed during Hot Chip 2013 with 8 Jaguar cores and a modified Radeon HD 6670 GPU with DX11.1 and OpenGL 3.0 support. The layer beneath it is dedicated to the stacked discrete GPU and the final wafer layer is dedicated to the 32 MB of ESRAM.

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yewles12264d ago

lol, right after the Killer Instinct 720p shocker. "Convenient" damage control overload.


theWB272264d ago

Why is that a shocker? A true shocker would be if Turn10 came out and said Forza 5 would be 720p and not 1080p native 60fps like they've been touting.

memots2264d ago

To be honest i couldn't care less if Forza is 720p

720p vs 1080p is a weak argument, All gets upscale anyway and looks great.

tigertom532264d ago

that is wrong Forza Motorsport 5 will run at 60 frames per second with a native resolution of 1080p, according to a spokesperson for Turn 10 Studios.

InTheZoneAC2263d ago

still can't take a "sim" seriously when you have all the lap records being held by AWD conversions....yeah how realistic is that?

Amazingmrbrock2263d ago

@InTheZoneAC its not a simulation. Its almost a simulation. The tracks are smoothed out for easier driving and the cars are all made to handle slightly better than reality.

P0werVR2263d ago

Once again there is NO dGPU!

If so, wait for Microsoft or more credible journalism. Not this sad excuse!

SilentNegotiator2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

"Why is that a shocker?"

Because it's the 8th generation. The least impressive form of 2.5D games (small environment fighters) should be 1080p by now.


Wow, you seriously don't understand what an "if" situation is, do you?

malokevi2263d ago


Tech junkies are basically convinced that there is a dGPU that is part of MS' NDA with AMD, that we will hear about on the 29th... and their logic seems a lot more credible than what passes for "logic" around here.

Check out the comments on that page.

indysurfn2263d ago

All don't get upscaled if it is NATIVE 1080p Which is when there is better quality. 540p does, 720p does but 1080p does not. Kinda like have digital zoom in a camera instead of optical zoom. One looks worse than the other. If the output is 1080p you would not need to scale to 1080p again that would not make sense.

glennco2263d ago

Launch titles are always somewhat less than stellar. I am so sick of 12yo PS fanboys trolling every single xbox article like crazy religious people.

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EXVirtual2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Whoa, wait. KI runs at 720p 60 fps? I missed that!

GiantEnemyCrab2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

I got hands on at PAX and WOW was that game gorgeous and played like a dream! I'm a big fan of the original KI and I have to say the developers went above and beyond with this re-make.

Bolts2263d ago

Are you shitting me? A fighting game can't break 1080p? Seriously, back to the drawing board Microfail!

whoyouwit042263d ago

And how many games on PS4 is 1080p? fewr then xbox one last I checked.

Sonysexual2263d ago

All games on the PS4 are 1080p with the exception of BF4.

For the Xbox ONE, DR3, KI, and BF4 aren't 1080p. I also expect a downgrade for Forza.

Foxgod2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Give me break, not a single game on the ps4 is 1080p + 60 fps.

kB02263d ago


No mention of frame rates in either convo, stop jumping the gun and read fool.

2263d ago
Jockamo2263d ago

Wait so no one answered the question. Which PS4 games are 1080p w/ 60fps?

BABYLEG2263d ago

Aint no one gon answer it?

I wanna know too. And post links

grimmweisse2263d ago

Resogun, 60fps and 1080p.

Kumatan2263d ago

So grimm provides a game that is 60fps and 1080p, and then gets a disagree stating a fact. Even with evidence people will still deny facts. Sad really...

If you disagree, back it up with a counter argument at least.

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BuLLDoG9092263d ago

The guy who made up this false info, has been trolling for months on his blog with, quite frankly delusional blog posts only fit for comedic reasons.

You should actually go to the guys blog and read some of the nonsense he writes, if you can read it that is, the guy cant even spell correctly.

ProjectVulcan2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Its aaaaallllllllll fake.

I actually laughed out loud when by some extreme fudging and no idea of scale he came up with a die size of 525mm squared for Xbone's main processor.


Thats nearly the size of a Geforce Titan die (550mm squared), with over 7 billion transistors. We already know that Xbone only has 5 billion. A whole bunch of that is just eSRAM.

Not to mention the fact there is an extremely limited number of Titans (10 thousand) because they are so difficult and expensive to make.

The Geforce GTX780 shares the same die but is a crippled Titan, poorer areas of the chip disabled to improve the yields and make more chips available to retail and yet even thats still a $650 card such is the huge expense of creating such a massive die.

Long story short, its impossible Microsoft would use such a ginormous die for their console, too expensive, to difficult to manufacture.

If they did they would swallow a fortune in losses on every machine sold and it would be a damn sight faster than 1.3 teraflops....

mkis0072263d ago

Has any of his claims actually come true?

popup2263d ago

If only it were true. All MS would have needed to do was say that they had the most powerful hardware at the conference and everyone would be buying that.

Sony are saying that they have the worlds most powerful console and MS are not. MS instead tried to sell us transistor counts and clouds instead of comparative specs and that says more than the total nut job that is 'misterxmedia' and his imaginary insider friend ever has. But so what!

Why do people have to be so laughably brand loyal? Who cares what is the fastest? Turn off the internet and go play some games.

2263d ago
ChrisW2263d ago

In lamens terms, "Baaa, baaa, bah bah, baaaaaaa, baaaah PS4 FTW!!!"

SEAN16172263d ago

Guys if this was real, why in GODS GOOD NAME WOULD MICROSOFT NOT JUST STATE SO? Because then XBOXONE WOULD BE MORE POWERFUL. NDA???!!! This would not prevent them from making that statement. This is 100% bogus.

coopman3002263d ago

Nda would mean ms is legally bound to not say anything until it is up so yea unless they want a huge lawsuit they wouldnt say anything.

moparful992263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

@coop Microsoft has more than enough leverage to negotiate a contract that wouldn't gag them so close to the launch.. Not being able to reveal actual specs is hurting their reputation and public perception, tech as good as these rumors indicate wouldn't be covered up so aggressively.. We all know how much Microsoft loves to brag when they have an advantage, this whole scenario smells of damage control... Only reason anyone is buying that excuse is because of how neatly it cleans up their PR disaster up to this point.

rainslacker2263d ago

At this point in time there is no more reason to hide it. There is really no time left for the competition to react. It would be a big boost to consumer perception, instead of just talking about "value proposition". I would wager that a majority of the early adopters already know what system they're going to buy, and the ones that come along later probably won't really care about specs that much.

Specs in real world terms don't mean much in most cases as developers are used to working with different setups, but there are many who like more powerful specs, and whether true or not, Sony is generally thought to have the more powerful system, and it can be backed up with analytical data.

If MS wanted people to get off their backs with the cost of the system, they could just say they have a more powerful one(and show why it's more powerful), instead of hyping things up with fancy PR Specs and power of the cloud.


There would be no reason for MS to have any kind of an NDA with a partner company for a chip that they have rights to. If this article's premise is true, MS would be well within their right to make it public. There is no reason for MS to put an NDA on itself.

pixelsword2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )


If Microsoft had any of this goin' on, they'd be singing it from the mountain top, not slyly leaving clues when it's rep is in the dumpster.

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Majin-vegeta2264d ago

Wasnt this misterx Guy already proven to be fake with no reliable sources?

Jeff2572264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

If not his latest post certainly points to be nothing but fake. Less than a day after an interview that pretty much says Illumiroom won't go beyond a lab concept because it is too expensive.


His "insider" is claiming that it will be produced with Samsung's help to make it affordable for consumers.

Another aspect that I find disturbing is that somehow the Fortazela Glasses, (he misspelled Fortazela by the way), concept Microsoft patented is now supposed to be able to be paired with Kinect 2 and give gamers almost the same experience as the Oculus Rift. There is absolutely no way some thin glasses along with Kinect can do what Rift can do. He actually made a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes in the latest post including in his headline. Who spells reality as really?

I for one can't take anything he says seriously and I find it very sad that some people really seem to believe the deceptions he is selling.

meatysausage2264d ago

I think he is russian or something so that explains bad writting.

Jeff2572264d ago

Yeah that would explain it. Doesn't explain the delusional mind though.

SuicideKing2264d ago

In Russia keyboards push your buttons.

pyramidshead2264d ago

The misterx and his conspiracy micro-zealot cronies have not been right on one single theory to date apparently. So it's justifiable to assume that this is also a lot of BS. Lots of people have come to the conclusion that they're all the same person, even the insider >_<. And most of the accounts that comment on the site are him too. Wouldn't be surprised. :P

Qrphe2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

Is there a need to have THREE "Fake" reports to the same submission? It's a recurring issues with the vast majority of articles as well.

Qrphe2264d ago

In addition, is there a way to control the blatant fanboyism in the Reports tab? It's sad to see moderation has been lost even in the Reports tab.

Avernus2264d ago

There's moderation here? :O

edgeofsins2264d ago

I feel like misterx is going to retrieve the HHG treatment.

NarooN2263d ago

I actually kinda miss seeing his ALLCAPS sensationalist titles, and then reading the comments where 97% of them were bashing him, lol. It was just funny.