A deep dive in to Microsoft’s XBox One GPU and on-die memory

More than just a GPU with a cache

This story is the second portion of SemiAccurate’s look at the XBox One’s architecture as presented at the Hot Chips 25 conference

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GarrusVakarian1904d ago ShowReplies(3)
Kayant1903d ago

Don't worry like Frigid's BS came to be BS.... All evidence point to this also being the same.

GodGinrai1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

On the contrary..this is based on the info that MS divulged at hotchips. No BS.I did not submit this article to play N4G conjecture games. These are the cold hard facts. They are not saying one is better than the other..they are simply telling you how the X1 works.

I submitted this and the previous one to shut up all the BS that gets thrown around on here which is usually based on rumour and conjecture.wouldnt you agree its better to debate the X1s specs with all the facts?

EDIT:@kayant no worries! but yes, ignore that guy.

Kayant1903d ago

Sorry I was referring to the info Elite24Gamer posts :p.

creatchee1903d ago

@The realness

The problem is that on N4G, nobody wants to know and talk about the One's specs unless:

1. They're seemingly less impressive than the PS4's

2. They have some special technology or advancement that can be called a gimmick or "PR jargon".

falviousuk1903d ago

Sadly and unfortunately you will never stop all the BS rumours, and made up nonsense on here.

P0werVR1903d ago

Yeah, I've never come across on anything about a discreet GPU.

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strigoi8141903d ago

Trust a website that is named semiaccurate

sigh T-T

ThanatosDMC1903d ago

HAHAHAHAH! I just saw that too.

indysurfn1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

@strigoi814 Now that was the biggest douchbag statement I have heard in awhile.

YOU SAID: "Trust a website that is named semiaccurate sigh T-T"

Don't you know anything about hardware websites?

1, The name is a PLAY on words, Semi is from the word semicondoctor. Accurate is to show accuracy, the exact opposite of what your implying.

2, 99.9% of misleading marketing is based on insinuating/assumptions, and names.

3, Politicians fool the public by the name they call a policy or even a congressional bill. Ever hear of the patriot acts? Ever hear of the no child left behind bill that left millions behind by CUTTING school funding?


5 Your comment tells me you are fooled 99.99999% of the time in life and never figure it out. Thats right this is just a conspiracy theory put your head back in the sand osterich!!

corvusmd1903d ago

I do find it funny that he won't trust an established website that it simply reporting facts that were put out there...but I bet any random Sony fanboy that bashes XB1 is to be trusted.

3-4-51903d ago

At least they admit they aren't always right via title and don't try to call themselves " The Truth" and then lie about everything.

Message not the messenger

Supermax1903d ago

Was reading on neogaf last night that the gpu might actually be a duel gpu.

iamnsuperman1903d ago

That would be people dreaming. My understanding is those things are really expensive (unless Microsoft has decided to make a gigantic loss that will never happen; in any console)

Golden_Mud1903d ago

What we know is that most of what comes out of neogaf is the truth so it could be real

P0werVR1903d ago

^ ^ ^


Yeah, sure buddy. There isn't any dGPU...

CRAIG6671903d ago

It's highly unlikely they have a dual GPU on the same die as the CPU.

FrigidDARKNESS1903d ago

Possible, if you go back to the xbox 720 roadmap that was taken down by Microsoft their is a 22nm SoI that has yet to be confirrmed. Could be another APU or GPU.

Metfanant1903d ago

STOP with this crap...PLEASE!

Metfanant1903d ago

please point me to a credible poster on NeoGaf that said anything about a dual gpu??

FrigidDARKNESS1903d ago

Mef you can go and research all this info. You know its out their from the leaked vgleaks diagram to the leaked MS roadmap so quit trying to down play it.

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windblowsagain1903d ago

PS3/360 - 4.4 GIGAPIXEL




GodGinrai1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

lets be YOU even know what that means? can YOU explain the benefits and weakness of each console without parroting numbers you have seen thrown around on the internet.

All your post shows is that your smart enough to know a higher number means better. But you cannot elaborate in your own words.

[email protected] This article is based on MS hotchips presentation, so yes this is coming from MS, mouth. Semi accurate are simply explaining what they saw at the presentation.

creatchee1903d ago

@The realness

"lets be YOU even know what that means? can YOU explain the benefits and weakness of each console without parroting numbers you have seen thrown around on the internet. "

This times a million.

Seriously, the sheer number of software and hardware engineers on this site is baffling (around 96% at last count). I don't know why Microsoft and Sony didn't just hire the members of N4G to create their new consoles.

And I guarantee they'd make the Sony console better than the Microsoft one.

falviousuk1903d ago

A high number does not always mean better, you need to look at the whole system and how it works together to see what it can do.

In other words both systems will have fantastic games on them.

And all these copy and past trolls should really be thrown out of here.

LordDhampire1903d ago

Not knowing what any of it means : priceless

wellard1903d ago

Okay Dr. Sheldon Cooper, please tell us all what this means? Enlighten us all with your google prowess

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