Pokemon Rumble U Scores An Effective Hit( GamerHub TV Review)

Nintendo finally throws their hat into the NFC ring with Pokemon

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gamerlive2268d ago

Pokemon is on a roll...

awkwardhamster2268d ago

Unbelievable that there is still a following. Last I played this was in college.

MilkMan2268d ago

WTF is this game about? This aint Infinity, this aint Skylanders, what is it? A bunch of Pokemon running around fighting?
(This is a legit question)

krontaar2268d ago

A $15 beat-em up with toy pokemon. Not one of the best spin-offs, but some people like it.

admiralvic2268d ago

It's basically a game where you play as toy versions of pokemon and defeat other ones. Every toy has 2 attacks and are generally based off what they're known for from the original game. Every now and then a drop will drop, which you can capture.

Misaka_x_Touma2268d ago

of course it would be base of originally game