The Playstation 4 Will Not Support Arabic

It has been confirmed via Shuhei Yoshida's Twitter account that the Playstation 4 system in fact will not support Arabic language, leaving thousands of Arab gamers unhappy.

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ZHZ902263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

I am an Arab and I prefer to use(or support) English in settings for game, options etc.

NewMonday2263d ago

you should say Arabian

I'm OK with English, but supporting Arabic would have opened the market for millions more.

Abdou0232263d ago

But sometimes you need it if you going to use it's Facebook - Youtube ...etc

I mean it cost nothing to add a language.Why aren't they considering it ?

mt2263d ago

dude I prefer english as well but whenever I use browser or youtube (arabic websites) I remember that ps doesn't support arabic and then I want to puke on whoever didn't include arabic support.

Tony-A2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )


"I'm OK with English, but supporting Arabic would have opened the market for millions more."

To be fair, it's not like they're missing a shot at a market they had with the PS3, considering they didn't support it there. I'm sure they'll toss it in with a future update if enough people complain.

user55757082263d ago

it only does homeland security

Salooh2263d ago

I prefer english too 5oook but apps are useless without it and putting arabic would be much better for many people. Even if you don't want to use it option is still good though :P ..

waljaber2263d ago

agree, beside i don't want my 10 years daughter and 3 years son missing my setting lol.

abzdine2262d ago

Shuhei Yoshida ‏@yosp 19h
@nadr_alwjoood @Macintosh009 sorry, I meant not in the immediate future. We are aware of the request.

it could still come.
everyone has preferences, but it's cool to have as many languages to choose between. sometimes when i'm learning a language i turn my phone menu to that language for example.

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thekhurg2263d ago

Game over man, game over!

UltimateMaster2263d ago

Now's You're chance Microsoft to make the Xbox Relevant again! Make it learn Arab!

Golden_Mud2263d ago

I think Microsoft already was rumored that the Arab gamers will get a treatment so it could be a full arabic system

SilentNegotiator2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )


lol, at this rate, don't expect Xbox One to support Arabic until 2018, if ever.

Eonjay2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

How is Kinect going to learn Arabic when it can't learn English in Australia.

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AzureskyZ2263d ago

I mean in all fairness and if polls is an indicator, arab nations liked the xbox over the ps4. Although it would be much better to support all languages from the get go, the reality is that market dictates which service is priority and unfortunately--- europe, japan, and usa will always be priority number one and the rest comes later. sony isnt gonna delay its high priority area to accommodate a vocal few when those things can be addressed via patch. Some of those fans are furious over nothing, and clamoring about 300 million people in there area means nothing when there sales is peanuts compared to other area. Want to grab there attention? Be sure to buy 300 million system one per person and you will definitely grab sonys attention and be there priority over everyone else.

PSjesus2263d ago

Arabs have there own exclusive game called oil,war&dictators

no j/k but i understand Arabic is the most spoken language in the world

jivah2263d ago

Debatable. I would say its English.. Dont bother looking at statistics simply cause they just go by the population in English speaking countries vs lets say some African or Russian or S.American guy knows English but wont get counted in that stat simply by being in a non English speaking country.. No matter where you go though English will be known..

But strictly off of stats. Standard Chinese and English may be in a tie world wide. Then Spanish takes 3rd then Hindi in 4th. And then Arabic in 5th place.

Shuyin2263d ago

It's actually portugese. Or chinese. Not sure.

ErryK2262d ago

Arabic is the second most-spoken language.

Imalwaysright2262d ago

Mandarin is the most talked language in the world.

denawayne2262d ago

It's Mandarin. Who would of thought? There's only 50 Bazillion of them f'ers on this planet

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dj3boud2263d ago

i am an Arabic gamer and i am happy with how it is with current generation and past ones not supporting Arabic. why nitpicking on irrelevant issues, why would you want an Arabic Ps4 interface while all games do not feature Arabic as a language in-game (other than the new tomb raider)? even if the Ps4's web browser is concerned too, unlikely that people do not own a PC or a tablet that supports Arabic. Every once in a while i run into this topic in daily life. its not a big deal.

JustPlay42263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

There not a lot people that happy on twitter so he responded saying it may happen but not at launch

I don't think that big deal but I'm not them so that doesn't count

SkippyPaccino2263d ago

Well that's how you triple your sales in USA. Lol! (you terrorist hating son of a guns)

YNWA962262d ago

Get Wolf Blitzer on this!

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fsfsxii2263d ago

lol. Hell yeah they won't. With all those idiots spamming the shit out of Sony and in the forums.

Thisisjuju2263d ago

Seems odd, doesn't the PS3 support Arabic?

ziggurcat2263d ago

i don't believe it does...

Thisisjuju2263d ago

Okay, thanks for the correction :)

OrangePowerz2263d ago

Some games on PS3 support it like Fifa, but not the OS.

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