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The Vita Lounge - I have to admit, my curiosity with Spelunky only really started when I read that it was coming to the Vita. From here I found Eurogamer’s 10/10 review and so I started my investigation. For those of you who don’t know, Spelunky actually started as a freeware title for the PC way back in 2008 and was so popular that it went on to receive an enhanced XBox 360 release and a further official PC release. Fast forward to last Wednesday and Spelunky finally hit the Vita and PS3 as a crossbuy title. Spelunky has you on a quest as a spelunker (read – cave explorer) through four different worlds in randomly generated caves. Touted as a rogue-like (read – crushing difficulty and death means you have to start over) platformer what you have here is a rock solid experience that you will love or hate. Or perhaps love to hate. Maybe even hate to love.

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