Bravely Default’s Western Release Will be Based on “For the Sequel” Enhanced Edition

Square Enix officially confirmed that the western localization of Bravely Default: Flying Fairy will be based on the “For the Sequel” enhanced edition.


The western version of the game will also have dual audio with English and Japanese languages.

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ajames3471873d ago

It's nice to see the west actually get an enhanced edition of a Japanese RPG. I remember back in the day when North America continuously got the short end of the stick.

Abriael1873d ago

For once NA gets a shorter end than Europe. I'm sorry but it kind of makes me smile :P

ajames3471873d ago

lol You guys need that day in the sun. I feel bad about how much Europe gets screwed over.

chadboban1873d ago

Awesome news, seems like the delay was worth it after all.

Abriael1873d ago

Yep. I'm especially pleased at the dual audio. I love playing games in Japanese.

*waits for all the disagrees from people that get offended at those that prefer Japanese voice acting*

Alexious1873d ago

Hm....Abriael, your images are always the best ones.

Abriael1873d ago

Come on... this one isn't too sexy.