Rayman Legends (Xbox 360) Review – Great Side-Scrolling Platform Games Continue to Live On | C.O.G.

Goofy little Rayman is finally back with a game really worth playing. ALLYCAT_ over at COG takes an in depth look at this one and walks away smiling

"After the marathon of emotionally hard hitting games this past year it was completely refreshing to take a step in the other direction with a fun, whacky platformer; and I had an absolute blast playing Rayman Legends. It was a definite surprise to find such a finely crafted side-scroller on a non-Nintendo console. Legends was originally supposed to be an exclusive Wii U title, but the release date kept getting pushed back until it was eventually announced it that it was a multi-platform title. I’m sure the Nintendo fanboys will be chagrined that they no longer hold the monopoly on great platformers, but in an era where games like this are very few and far between it’s great to put this title on my shelf alongside the abundance of intense and violent titles that have dominated the Xbox 360 and PS3."

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