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VGR: Killer Instinct for Xbox One gameplay at PAX 2013. The game is running on Xbox One hardware with prototype Mad Catz Fight Sticks.

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thetruthx11925d ago

The background effects the rain, birds, tornado and lighting add a very nice touch. The combos and particle effects look good too. Hopefully they'll be more sequels to Killer Instinct in the future

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Volkama1925d ago

From what I gather they will be supporting this game for at least a year or 2 with character packs. If it is successful a sequel probably wont be necessary any time soon.

maniacmayhem1925d ago

Was never a KI fan but wow, this game is looking really good. But I think I'm going to wait until the full roster is available before I pick it up.

Boody-Bandit1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

You will be waiting until 2014.
6 characters will be available at launch. Single player modes wont be available until later this year or early next. There is no definitive date as to when the other 2 characters will be released. DH said they are hoping to take the roster to 16 characters by holiday season 2014. Hopefully sometime between now and then they will add finishers. Right now they are focusing all their efforts on tweaking gameplay.

DH has only been working on this game a year. It's a shame they weren't given more time to make a complete game. It definitely looks pretty but 6 characters...... I don't know what to say about that without sounding like I am completely burying the game. Even 16 characters is a little slim for most fighting games. With all the fighters that have come out this generation I can't name any off hand that had 16 or less characters. I don't doubt there is but I buy most fighters and I can't think of any of the top of my head.

Personally I think DH should put this game on hold until it's complete. It seems like they are going to release a work in progress. And that's being overly kind but that's exactly what they are in fact doing if this game is released this year with only 6 characters and bare bone modes. <- Again, that's being overly kind.

AG-Mike1924d ago

There will be 8 characters available if you pay the full retail price at launch. That's what the guy at the booth told me. But yeah, most games I feel have WAY too many characters now. That said, 8 is like SFII. That's crazy to me.

XtraTrstrL1925d ago

Was a huge KI fan, KI2 sucked ass tho. I wasn't impressed with anything shown of this game before, but Chief Thunder's gameplay and combos are more reminiscent of KI. It is shaping up nicer now, though I'm still not totally sold on it. If it does come out to redeem KI from KI2 and live up to the original's awesomeness, then I will be a little jealous, considering I'm not getting Xbone.

AG-Mike1924d ago

If you haven't seen it in person, you are likely to be more impressed with how it looks. I hated KI and KI2 back in the day. It looked like rendered garbage back then. Now that graphical capabilities have improved so much, KI seems to fit right in with what they can do. It is pretty impressive what they have done, even if it apparently doesn't run at 1080p

XtraTrstrL1924d ago

It doesn't run at 1080p?!??

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