Killzone: Mercenary Impression – AAA Controls Make For The Best Handheld Shooter Yet [MP1st]

MP1st - Every time I hear that a first-person-shooter is heading towards a portable device that I own, I cringe at the thought, with the first thing that comes to mind: “broken controls”. It’s not easy developing a first-person shooter on handheld. Even if they boast dual analog sticks (COD: Declassified, Resistance), controls have always been an issue, though it seems that the developers over at Guerrilla Games Cambridge have finally found a way to make it work.

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pedrof931873d ago

I've just tried the beta and yeah is Awesome. And the graphics are like in early Ps3 games.

Its a bit uncomfortable playing Fps on Vita but after a while its ok.

NukaCola1873d ago

Woah. These graphics are unbelievable. More like PS3 in 2010 and that's the beta of the multiplayer. The campaign looks even better.

Thisisjuju1873d ago

It does control very well, that was my one fear as I thought the Vita would struggle in that respect.

God knows how many hours I have sunk into that one map on the beta!

Minimox161873d ago

Yeah, graphics are amazing! and controls for me are great :D so far im excited for that game, can wait!

Outside_ofthe_Box1873d ago

***"Its a bit uncomfortable playing Fps on Vita but after a while its ok."***

You should get a hand grip. It'll basically turn your Vita into a controller.

Minimox161873d ago

Yeah he it right with a hand grip its much better, this is the one I got:


pedrof931873d ago


Thanks for the info :D

G20WLY1873d ago

This is the one I use:

It's more expensive, but it's amazingly comfortable and doubles the battery life of the Vita. Would make a good present request! ;o)

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Outside_ofthe_Box1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

Here are some good hand grips:

CTA Digital Hand Grip:

Bracket Holder Hand Handle Grip:

Nyko Power Grip:

PDP Trigger Grip:

Biogenik Trigger Grip:

Hand grips will give you more comfort when playing the Vita especially genres like FPS which were pretty much bad for handhelds until the Vita came along with two analog sticks. Now when you add hand grips to the equation you'll now feel like you're holding a controller which further increases the vita feeling a lot more like a portable console.

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Maddens Raiders1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

By far this is the cleanest and most fluid handheld game I've ever seen. It really is that good and these puny words do it no justice.

kingmushroom1873d ago

This game controls feel great, a true FPS on a hand held ! not like that halfassed Resistance game (which i Platinum)

Nicaragua1873d ago

Even though its only one map i am addicted to the beta.

If you wanted a portable FPS then this is it, no other game comes close. I would even say that its better than Killzone 3 as it feels more like Killzone 2 which was my favourite.

Great game, day one purchase for me.

Maddens Raiders1873d ago

" I would even say that its better than Killzone 3 as it feels more like Killzone 2"

I can't believe it, but yes I have to totally agree with you. The game is freaking sick.

psDrake1873d ago

Pre-ordered my copy :)

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