Wonderwallweb gives Time Crisis 4 8.2/10

Time Crisis 4 is the first Lightgun shooter for the Playstation 3 and in that respect it sets a decent standard, the GunCon itself is very well build (although it would have been nice if it was wireless) and the game offers plenty of depth and replay value. Fans of the lightgun genre will certainly not be disappointed, it's a decent effort and therefore worth purchasing if you like this type of game.

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Britjadg3842d ago

i actually cant believe this got above an 8 rating. i hate to hit on games and reviews but thats insulting. Your honestly saying to me that TC4 is nearly on par with a game like GT5p which got an 8.5 rating overall?

though i will say they've done the graphics up a little, which do actually look alright - not great, but yeah not mediocre either.