Developer Salute – Media Molecule

Game Informer: ''Media Molecule might not be as prolific as some of my other favorite developers, but the studio's reinvention of the 2D platformer is one of my standout memories from this generation of consoles.''

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H4all1875d ago

with love all my heart to ♥♥♥ :
Little Big Planet and Tearaway..

fantasygamer1875d ago

LittleBigPlanet with cute little Sackboy/girl has been for me one of the hallmarks of this generation. I still play the games regularly and I hope the franchise continues to flourish.

I am also looking forward to playing Tearaway later this year.

remanutd551875d ago

Yes i agree with your comment, LBP has been one of the hallmarks of this generation indeed.

r211875d ago

Mm is such creative bunch of people. Cant wait for Tearaway!

dafegamer1875d ago

one of the best series of this generation indeed. There is no platformer like LBP. Excellent gameplay, great and creative puzzles and open world like level design with lots of exploration make this one of the best platformers of all time. There is a reeason that it is the highest rated side scrolling platformgame of all time on metacritic :)