Galak-Z: The Dimensional Is Indie Development At Its Best

GOS: "I only got a small taste of Galak-Z when it debuted on Sony’s stage at their E3 2013 PlayStation conference, so I jumped at the chance to play 17-BIT’s space shooter at PAX Prime 2013.

Galak-Z: The Dimensional is inspired by classic anime like Robotech and forms Voltron with addictive 2D gameplay and precise controls. The levels are massive and contain asteroid fields, space caves and enemies lurking around every corner. The controls are very responsive and I was performing maneuvers like a season fighter pilot very quickly as I fired volleys of missiles at enemy ships or blasted them with laser fire. Physics are very important to the controls and the environment can be used as a weapon against your enemies too"

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Enemy1875d ago

Open world space shooter. 'Nuff said, life is over. It's crazy that this and Resogun, two very small indie titles, have me just as hyped as I'd be for any other AAA exclusive.