PAX Prime ’13 Quick Look: Sonic: Lost World - Save/Continue

Save/Continue writes:

"“Going fast” has always been a staple of Sonic games, as has “hold right to win” pertaining to the 2D versions which focused more on both versus the path memorization that the first games required. After Sonic transitioned to 3D, there was a great deal of oscillation the Blue Blur experienced, with the “Sonic Cycle” taking full effect until recently with Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations.

Sonic: Lost World is a pleasant fusion of both old and new ideas, seeing a reduction in the well-known speed in favor of fantastic platforming that marries the pleasant ideas of Super Mario Galaxy and Sonic’s move arsenal."

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Bitsnark1877d ago

Can't wait for Sonic Mario Galaxy.

from the beach1877d ago

Can't wait for Mario 3D World: Flickies' Island.

Munnkyman1877d ago

Im looking foward to this