Magic 2013 is Now Free on Xbox Live

This months first Game with Gold, Magic 2013, has just gone free on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

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colt-of-tipton1925d ago

Only bought this game about 2 months ago , typical lol worth checking out .

Bundi1925d ago

Boooooooooooo!!! Free is free but this is [email protected] Hoping for a proper game on the 16th.

ZodTheRipper1925d ago

Would be a good joke though. This game is more than a year old and not even that good. I bought it because I was playing the TCG a couple years ago but I couldn't continue playing after realizing that you can't even build the deck you want to build ...everything's preset.

jackanderson19851925d ago

rainbow six is the game on the 16th

Bundi1925d ago

Erg!! Lame Microsoft.

benzopil1925d ago

It will be Rainbow Six Vegas 1 (2006)

AutoCad1925d ago

is the multiplayer still up? bc man that game was fun online.

gaelic_laoch1925d ago

LOL M$ are really trolling xbox golf users with this one!

Fyflin1925d ago

I was so disappointed to see this earlier today, why not give us Forza 4, hell even Forza 3! That would allow more people to experience the series before Forza 5 launches in November.

gaelic_laoch1925d ago

I am not trolling! Hand on heart! this is exactly what SONY did by giving AC3 on PS Plus this month in Europe so as to gear up people for Black Flag!

Ye xbox crowd deserve a lot more after years of pumpimg money into Gold/Marketplace

Dread1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

They did not give it for free its a RENTAL


But when ms gives afree to play then you are all "its not free to play becasue you pay for xlive"

You guys and your double standards are unvelibable

Ms gives a game for free and you find a eay to hate on it wow
You guys are really true gamers

gaelic_laoch1925d ago

@ Dread

Would you be arsed playing magic 2013 in 5 years time or play AC3 now complete it then move on. I never replay games i complete and neither do most!

And why xbox fans think ps plus fans keep thinking that they believe they own these games is beyond me! I know its a subscription and I dont care.

I have a gold account and i am not renewing it!

ZodTheRipper1925d ago

lol rental made me laugh :D
Have fun with Magic bro.

iamnsuperman1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

See giving Forza 4 would make a lot of sense. Forza 5 is coming out in November and Microsoft owns the product. Taking that on the end would be beneficial as it gets people excited for Forza 5. I get the impression Microsoft is 100% on the Xbox One launch without thinking about the, relatively, cheap ways to get people who own an Xbox 360 to transfer over. Forza 4 roughly sold about 4 million. There will be a lot of people who do not own Forza 4. It might get them excited for Forza 5

Fyflin1925d ago

That's what MS did with Dead Rising 2, I've been playing it all week and can't wait to pick up DR 3 at launch. I loved Forza 3 (and Horizon, can't wait to see a next gen sequel!) but never got round to picking up 4 although from what I hear it's a fantastic game. Just seems like a bit of a missed opportunity really, especially when Forza 5 builds on many of the features from 4 (Autovista mode, Top Gear integration and so on).

Fyflin1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

Double post, sorry guys

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